Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Authentic Existence

I found the quote below on A Thousand Words and it got me thinking. (There is another quote on her blog that got me thinking too - I think we're living parallel experiences this week!)

"I know that life is about priorities. That which you really care about you make happen. Whatever's left you didn't care about as much as you thought you did."
- Elizabeth Soutter Schwarzer

So please, please, those of you who insist on professing, for appearances, that this is not so, stop.

If having a clean house and well maintained property; kind, inclusive and generous attitude (aka Christian); well behaved and well loved children; an arsenal of gourmet recipes you actually know how to cook; quality time travelling with family and friends; a library of well read books; finished (or, at least up-to-date) scrapbooks; a challenging and fulfilling career; and, and, and ...

Do I have all of those things? No.

Do I profess to? No.

Does it drive me crazy when others profess to one thing then: by deed or desire; do or say another? YES!

If it were a PRIORITY it would be done. Otherwise own that it is not important to you and move on.
The judgement is not on what you do, it is on what you say you do that you don't.

Don't you get it?

If the idea is to live a happy and fulfilled life, which I believe it is, then be content with that which you have and that which you are willing to earn. The rest? Let it go.

Be who you are. Do what you do. Embrace imperfection. Live an authentic existence.


Jayne said...

Great quote - TFS. Looks like we are on similar wave lengths again today Lee...

Creative Junkie said...

I embrace imperfection on a daily basis and I'll readily admit to doing so.

Kyla said...

AMEN SISTER! Sure . . . I'd like to have a spotless FINISHED home, (amongst a few other things) but right now, my priorites are getting myself lined out and spending time with the kids before they don't want me around anymore. The rest is just sand at the bottom of the bottle.

Great post!

MidniteScrapper said...

That's a good Sunday (or any day) sermon right there. Goeas along with my life philosophy. "Keepin' it real."
I 100% agree with you and the quote - if it's important to you, you'll find a way. I tell it to my children all the time! =]

A Fanciful Life said...

So true! Really makes sense, we need to stop beating ourselves up for all that we dont' do. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Collins said...

fantastic post and love the quote