Monday, March 2, 2009

The Creativity Project

I am very fortunate to have surrounded my virtual self with incredibly creative people. My lovely friend Kyla reminded me today about The Creativity Project which is being hosted by Lisa Day. She invites everyone to start our own Creativity Project to unleash our creative potential.

My first assignment was completed yesterday, March 1: Slice of Life.

I wonder what I'll manage to create today? A fun dinner? Playing road hockey with the kids? Bake something? Ice Cream sundaes perhaps? Explore to find a new place to take photos of the kids? Check to see if the swings are up in the park?

I am going to take Kyla (and Lisa and her Creative Project community) up on this challenge! My criteria may be a bit different: I am going to do something creative every day, but every day it will have to be something creative FOR or WITH my kids. Inspired by them, requested by them.

It has been a very long time since I got on the floor or even got messy with any of them. Too much running around to take the time. That's going to change - well, for this month, anyway.

Join me?

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L~ said...

good goals - isn't it sad how we get caught up in the 'running around' and the 'tasks to get done' part of mothering? And all of the play, the down times seem to slip away...focus focus focus!