Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Fortune

Do you ever see the same image, in different lights, over and over again, then one day you realize that you've been seeing the same thing over and over again? It just hits you?

For me it has been fortune cookies. Silly eh?

It started earlier in March when I saw the cutest project on Kind Over Matter on making little paper fortune cookies and leaving them for people to find. How fun would that be? I saved the project and will do it, actually, I think I'll do many of the projects suggested over there.

We've had a few Asian influenced take-out meals and Cole has been insistent on eating the fortune cookies. Only the fortune cookies. He is superstitious though: eat the cookies first, then read the fortune for it to come true. He really is the superstitious type!

Then a couple of weeks ago there was this brilliant felt pattern for fortune cookies on the Work In Progress blog. Party Favours - isn't that a fantastic idea? Another one saved for future use!

Now Karen Wolrond over at her Chookooloonks blog has a question, totally related to a fortune cookie: If you could write your own fortune -- one that would make you walk a little lighter -- what would it say?

So, I ask myself, and I ask you: would you make it a question? Would you make it a statement? Would it be optimistic? Would it be filled with adventure and promise?

My first fortune cookie siting corresponded with the start of some demanding days. A few days were filled with pure joy, so appreciated given the atmosphere in which those few moments appeared. In actual fact it has been a long few weeks. A few weeks full of change, conflict and challenge. A few weeks filled with decisions and new directions.

I am far better off for it. So is my family.

It is now time to write my own fortune cookie! And maybe pass along a few :)

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