Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi, I'm Lee, I'm a recovering perfectionist

A long time ago I was surrounded by order and what passed, to me, as perfection. This state of being lasted pretty much until the birth of Chloé. Not because she is Chloé, she really was a wonderful baby, but because she was the third. The third child of a stay at home mum and a perpetually out of town dad means something has to give. When Caden arrived, eleven months later, all sense of perfection was abandoned!

During my blog reading journey this weekend I came across the Cult of Done and their Manifesto:

Click on the image above to go to their Flickr site.

What got me was the phrase: Laugh at perfection. It's boring and keeps you from being done.

I found on Sunday, when I read this, a bubble of laughter as I looked around the house. In dismay. It was the last day of Spring Break and it looked like a tornado went through our house.

Perfection is indeed abandoned, but I'm going to be busy attaining order!


ArlaMo said...

From one perfectionist to another...

I read this last week and loved it!

Jack said...

Another great link! Your doing all the work and I'm reaping the benefits ;)