Monday, March 30, 2009

Manic Monday #161

Odd little bits of hockey tape are found all over the house. Is that a collection?

Do you enjoy brain teasers or do you find them frustrating?

I don't often do brain teasers - only for lack of time rather than lack of interest. Though, my daily brain teaser is Caden's latest practical joke. Does that count?

Do you have any unusual collections?

Nothing. Well, nothing I consider unusual!

What do people notice about you within the first hour of meeting you (other than appearance)?

I have a big laugh. And, you hear it, a lot. And, according to Tina, VP House League for our hockey league, whom I met for the first time yesterday? I'm quick, very quick. Who knew?

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Jack said...

I'm forever picking wads of hockey tape out of my washer and dryer.

Hope your Monday is going well :)

Jayne said...

I just knew that about you! Can't wait to hear your laugh in person! :)