Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Randoms ...

I was tagged by the ever insightful Jack at Slightly Off-Center - as a result I stole her image above - thanks Jack :) At this rate, with these random memes, soon you will know everything there is to know about me, and then some.

1. I've finally decided on my "dream trip" and one I'm working toward: a Mediterranean cruise. Join me?

2. I prefer to write in pencil - I like the way my handwriting looks with the resistance. My handwriting looks awful with an easy flowing pen. I think I might just stick with typing.

3. I am extremely patient, but when I hit the tipping point, I'm done. Unfortunately I provide no warning. One of many character flaws.

4. I think I'm becoming a germophobe. I cannot sit in a movie theatre after watching the Oprah show regarding the ickies on the seats; I'm reluctant to use a public washroom for obvious reasons; I cannot take out a library book or read a magazine in a waiting room.

5. I am a really good cook but don't get much opportunity with our crazy come-and-go schedule. I am getting really good with soup, sandwiches and salads!

6. I am a purger married to a collector. Oh, and I gave birth to three collectors. I think Claire and I could live together, enjoying a simple existence, forever.

7. The household chore I enjoy the most is folding laundry. Well, I enjoy the whole laundry process (especially when I find money in pockets!). I get a true sense of satisfaction when my laundry room is empty. Yes, I achieve satisfaction - pure bliss - for about ten minutes a week. And, I'm okay with that.

I tag anyone up for this meme. Just leave a comment so I can go check yours out :)


BonnieRose said...

those were fun to read! hugs bonnierose

BonnieRose said...

I've tagged u for a KREATIVE AWARD here..

leave a comment!
hugs bonnierose
U inspire me!

Jack said...

#1. Your dream trip is my dream trip too!

#4. I'm the same way. I even go as far as pulling my sleeve over my hand when opening doors in the mall or any public place for that matter. (Oh dear, I probably shouldn't have put that idea into your head)

#6. We are very similar,you and I. Purger married to a hoarder who gets so annoyed because I'm tossing things out he's saving.

#7. Yeah, that's just wrong! lol

Good job Lee!

Word Verification = "devil"... yikes!