Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wellness Wednesday

I enjoy my morning blog journeys. I find some really interesting things out there in the blogosphere. One leads to another, and another. There are kernels of brilliance to be found just about everywhere. I enjoy the blogs that nourish me, challenge me and inform me. Recently on one of these journeys I discovered Droplets of Devotion which is always a lovely read. Today, through it, I discovered Wellness Wednesday which lead to this post. I really like the idea.

"Wellness Wednesday is about empowerment, acknowledgment and sharing. Its about celebrating the millions of unique ways we can enhance our health and be responsible for the bodies we have."


Every day is different, but my aim for today is to breathe, slowly. In with good thoughts out with negative thoughts. Though, it has occurred to me that I may be putting all that negativity out into the universe, I have to purge myself of it and the poison it creates.

In order to empower myself, I need to take care of myself and understand where the negativity came from and how to make it stop. Purging it is completely my responsibility, I own my choices. I regret some, but own them nonetheless. The key is to find the balance: not dwell on the negative but to acknowledge it, deal with it, and move on.

I manage to get myself involved in situations when I do not heed my instinct; that inner voice that tells you a certain situation is dangerous, that internal warning system. I delay the inevitable in order to spare the feelings of someone not worthy of that consideration.

So, today, this Wednesday, what nourishes my soul? Trust. Trust in myself.

What nourishes your soul?

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Jack said...

Like you, for me every day is different.
Lately I have been trying to let go of perfection and accept my life as it is. If the laundry piles up because something else demands more of my attention, then so be it... I'll get around to the laundry eventually -- c'est la vie!

Today, what nourishes my soul?
Taking life as it is

Great post, I really like this idea :)