Monday, April 20, 2009

And it starts again ... Monday

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

Serious Spring Cleaning begins today. I have been subscribed to the Simple Mom blog for a while now and enjoy her approach, her ideas and her suggestions. When she posted her e-book "Spring Cleaning for Normal People", I knew I had to have it. You can buy your own copy for $7US by clicking: here. Essentially it is a plan to put your home together in 10-days. Less time for fewer occupants and smaller spaces; and, longer for more occupants and rooms. I think I'm on the 20-day program :)

Each year, by the time Spring rolls around, I am exhausted from the mess of the winter. Each room seems to breed clutter in the cold weather. Between paper, sports equipment, laundry and other ephemera, I'm overwhelmed. I need a plan. And I found one. Now to execute!

Today I have armed myself with my "Give", "Recycle" and "Garbage" boxes. No, no "Sell" box. I am not the garage sale type (read: budding germaphobe!) - I don't go to them and after my first exhausting experience, I'm not willing to go that route ever again. Today is the quick run through the house and clear out all visible clutter. Twelve rooms. I've given myself 15 minutes per room. And, I have a timer. I should complete everywhere but the basement in three hours. The basement and playroom will be done with the kids assistance.

My studio will require a day of it's own! I got a good start yesterday and took EVERY single piece of product I no longer use in my albums and boxed it up for delivery to the new Youth Centre down the street in Bronte. I've also discovered that I have a problem: a serious addiction, to flowers!

Wish me luck. Have a wonderful Monday.


MAM said...

Good Luck!! That sounds like a fantastic day to me :)

Martha said...

Good Luck! What no before/during/after photos? :)

I too can't have a "garage sale" pile. When I'm in the mood to de-clutter, it all needs to be done now and having a "sell" pile seems to just be a stall technique for me. Hadn't thought of the germ issue.

Lee said...

Thanks ladies. It's pouring rain so I won't be distracted :)

Martha - I never thought of it as a stall tactic. If you never thought of the germ factor then you are not a budding germaphobe, that's a good thing!

Monica - I need your organization skills for sure today!

Creative Junkie said...

Whoo hoo! Good luck!

I seriously need to set aside some time and thoroughly clean my house. As in, scrub the walls, wash the curtains, etc.

I'd need my family to move out for the week, though. And then I'd be sad that they're on "vacation" and I'm not. So I don't do it.

Vicious circle.

Jayne said...

Good Luck! SOunds like you have a great plan and that is a perfect way to start! :) Let us know how it goes...luckily since we just moved we haven't had time to "jumk up" the house yet but I will need that book NEXT spring! :)

AmyJoy said...

I expect before and after photos... cuz I think your clutter is no where near MY clutter :P

Letme see!!!

Lee said...

I do have all of the before pictures. Maybe I'll take some "after" and post them all at once. :)