Sunday, April 19, 2009

Houston: What is in the water?

It looks like a typical downtown skyline - I grabbed the first photo that came up from Google images - nothing too spectacular, but beautiful just the same.

Why am I wondering about Houston? Why do I want to drink the water?

It finally dawned on me that three of the women I have recently discovered and admire greatly are all from the area.

Karen Walrond can be found at Chookloonks
Brene Brown can be found at Ordinary Courage
Kathrine Center can be found at Katherine Center

Is Houston the new inspiration centre of America? Maybe not. But it is to me!


L~ said...

I wonder about that cluster...hmmm good support system for one another, maybe? Or it could be the water!

Jennifer said...

Hi...glad I found your was nice to meet you yesterday, I got distracted by the girls at lunch and unfortunately did not make it back to spend some time with you....BTW I loved that dress on you, you looked FAB!

Love you blog, GREAT photography!