Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The lilies photo even better with sunshine streaming in the window.

To everyone who celebrates, enjoy your Easter festivities, today!

I spent my evening, technically yesterday evening, I just got in about an hour ago, with the parent's of Cole's hockey teammates. Our final party. As you would expect much of the talk turned to our Easter traditions and plans.

Which made me realize, growing up, I don't remember any specific family traditions. That doesn't mean we didn't have any, just that they did not make any lasting impression.

I do remember one Easter holiday: I remember the feelings of the weekend, but I'm woefully short on details. We drove to spend the weekend with the family of one of the men with whom my dad attended university. They were stationed at military housing in some place in the mid-southern-US. The trip must have been unspectacular, but given that there were so many car trips, that is a good thing! Other than that, I remember this man had daughters and we all got along. What I remember most was that I got to wear the most lovely dress and it was coloured mauve. Isn't that a wonderful name for a colour? Mauve. With a soft sound - maaaaaauve. And white gloves, do you remember wearing white gloves? And, trying to keep them clean? I was the worst at keeping them, or anything clean! To top it all off, I had a small pocketbook and hat.

I can picture it all so vividly in my mind. Little snippets. Walking along the sidewalk. Going to church. Jumping on the beds in the girls bedroom.

I don't have any photos, don't remember the name of the family we visited, don't know the town we drove to, none of it. But that memory is clear as though it happened yesterday. An event I haven't thought about in decades.

I'm definitely going to have to ask my Dad when we call him later today. No doubt he'll be able to fill in the blanks. And who knows, he may be happy to hear that I remember a few details from a trip taken thirty years ago!


jillconyers said...

Happy Easter to you and your family :)

L~ said...

Happy Easter - white shave changed, eh?