Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Q&A ...

This is our maple tree, the buds are really noticible now. Ah, Spring has really arrived!

Questions continue to come in - on both blogs - and I have to tell you that this has been such a fun experience. The reasons are two fold: it really reinforces for me that my "blogland" is a community and the questions reveal a lot to me about who you are and you're all fabuous!

Question #7, #8 and #9 (11:01PM 26 April 2009)
1. As you know I am on a learning adventure with scrapbooking. What technique have you learned recently that you would like to share?
2. I know you recently purchased "Glimmer Mist" I am holding off because I don't know what to do with it, but I am intrigued! What are your plans with GM?
3. Last one is from Jonah......he wants to know when he gets to see his most special friends at the castle :)
Char on Lemons2Lemonade blog

Char! I am cringing at the amount of typing! Holy smokes woman, take care of yourself. (For those who don’t know, Char has recently had surgery and two screws are holding her left elbow together.) I’m happy to answer your questions all day … hey, don’t I answer them?

1. I have learned that not every layout is “publication worthy” and that they don’t have to be. Just document your life. Enjoy the process of the documentation. Get it done, don’t get hung up on the techniques. That being said, my favourite “technique” of late has been layering and learning what works and what doesn’t with patterned paper. I’ve also learned, thanks Ann, that not all layouts have to start with a Bazzill 12x12 sheet of cardstock!
2. I have an incredible amount of CHIPBOARD and I’m hoping that the Glimmer Mist will encourage me to use it. I’m a bit hesitant, but I think when I get the studio all cleaned up I’ll spend more time with some of the messy stuff (see answer to Sherri). I'm desperate to have some orange letters since I use so much orange in my layouts.
3. The castle – and inhabitants – are anxious for a Jonah visit any time! My four don’t ever agree … on much … but they all agree that Jonah is welcome. So, whenever your schedule allows, we’d love to have you visit. Oh, come on a Saturday! You HAVE TO SEE LACROSSE! Sean will flip! He thinks hockey is violent? Oh my goodness, lacrosse is wild! I may have lost both my boys to the sport.

Question #10 (12:50AM 27 April 2009)
Love your simple, clean layouts - where do you most often draw your inspiration from other than your photos?
Julie on theLINARstudio blog

Thanks, Julie, so glad you’re enjoying my pages.

I have learned to embrace sketches. Though, as much as I enjoy them, after the Cathy Zielske “Design Your Life” course over at Big Picture Scrapbooking last fall, I’m getting quite picky about the sketches I use – they must have balance and unity. Though, on occasion I go right off and do some crazy layouts, just for fun – and I have more embellishments and notions than I know what to do with, so must use them somewhere!

I am trying to stretch myself and find different stimuli for each layout. Go outside of my comfort zone either with colour combinations or product use. I do eventually go back to my usual "look" but it's fun to dabble!

Question #11 (11:35AM 27 April 2009)
Ohhhh LOVE those journals :)
I will stick with SBR here and along the lines of something that might make a great page...what besides a beautiful keepsake does scrapbooking bring to your life?
Jayne on theLINARstudio blog

The absolute best part of scrapbooking is the look on each of my children’s faces when they discover a page all about them. My layouts are validation to them that they matter. They do anyway, obviously, but the extra step seems to really resonate with each one of them: that their lives and activities – big and small – are worth celebrating. Even the less charming aspects of their personalities are on my pages. My pages have evolved into more of a diary picture book. It is also a (relatively) clutter free way of showcasing my photography :)

Question #12 (11:51AM 27 April 2009)
Lee - I love reading your writing - it is honest and open so weather you are talking about kids or art or feelings it is a "good read" Sometimes I am amazed that you are so bare yourself to all of us. My question is have you always been open and willing to be your true self or is this something that has grown in you over time?
Jayne on Lemons2Lemonade blog

Thank you so much, Jayne, for your kind words. I have been trying to improve my writing, after years of not writing at all, and I’m thrilled to know what I have to share is engaging.

As for the question: being open and honest has always been my greatest defense. If I admit up front or laugh openly about my numerous failings and many challenges then no one can use it as a weapon to embarrass or intimidate me.

The downside of that is I have found that often some things are attributed me which are patently untrue. Not important things, often silly things, but potentially damaging. A recent example? Last year there was a summer hockey team put together, which was by “invitation only”. I found the whole process very offensive, as I’m into inclusive and development, not about exclusive and segmentation. Though, I was not offended enough to pull Cole from the team. I learned from a friend that “word was” that I had put the team together. Ridiculous, offensive, but absolutely nothing could be done about it which others found offensive. Interesting that the source of this mis-information was the coach of the team who offered the “exclusive invitations” in the first place when he was admonished for his behaviour. There are other examples, of course, but this represents the things I dislike most about my personality being used to forward the agenda of someone else – or shift blame. Crap like that drives me crazy.

So there you go! The answers for today. Only a couple more days to submit questions in order to qualify for the Fancy Pants goodies! But there are still plenty more. I think we're now up to 28 questions and will continue to provide the answers in small doses :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Jack said...

What a wonderful idea Lee. I may have to borrow this from you a little later on ;)

Do you notice that maples that grow by the water are always earlier with their leaves. Lovely photo!

Jayne said...

Thanks for sharing :) Inquiring minds...