Thursday, April 30, 2009

And more Q&A (aka: the Sherry questions)

Not alone today ... does this boy look sick to you?

Question #13, #14, #15, #16 and #17 (12:44PM 27 April 2009)
How fun, Lee!
I think you know that I would love to just sit with coffee...or a glass of wine in hand and just ask and talk all day, but until then, I have some questions here.
1. I know that you have been on a journey to really get to a place where you are as open and honest with everyone (as well as yourself) as you can be. What made you realize that this is who you wanted to be?
2. What, if any, risks were you afraid of?
3. Do you have a favorite pen or writing utensil that you always journal with? What is it?
4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
5. And lastly - for now - What creative outlet have you not tried, but would like to?
I hope those were written clearly. I have quite the circus going on around me with my kiddos right now. =] I'd be glad to translate if needed. LOL
Sherry on Lemons2Lemonade blog

Well, Sherry, I’m happy to pour some wine and chat with you any time! I’m not much of a phone talker, but if you e-mail me your number, I’ll be happy to use my new handy-dandy talk-all-day phone plan!

As for these questions, my answers are:

1. My journey has been enlightening, frightening and fulfilling. I don’t know that there was a realization as much as it has been an ever-evolving journey I have been driven to persue. The journey has been so much more accessible with the advent of blogs and the wealth of so many creative and thoughtful people “out there” with whom I can relate and develop a sense of community and inclusion. I have been endeavoring to care less about what those, who offer no value to my life, think about me. Negative energy is so much easier than looking at the bright side. To hold your head high and ignore those who are simply mean is excruciating when you want to defend yourself. In the end you realize, they’re not worth acknowledging, you have to be true to yourself, those who “get it” will stick by you, those who don’t, don’t matter. Love me the wisdom of Dr. Seuss! I'm not yet who I think I will be; but, I like who I am and have found a true and authentic path.
2. I was afraid that the negative would destroy me. The spirit-crushing weight of jealousy, insecurity and spite. It tried. It didn't, thank goodness.
3. I prefer to write with pencil – my handwriting looks better with the resistance. I use a 0.05 mechanical pencil. On my layouts, I prefer to use the American Crafts Precision Pens – my favourite is black 03 and 08.
4. THAT is a tough question. I never think in those terms as my goals are many and far more short-term in nature. In 10 years I’ll be a mother of kids ages 23, 22, 20 and 19 and all of them will be in university! I will have officially “survived” and we’ll enter into a whole new phase. I hope to have accomplished a few things: published or sold something (still working on it); gone on a photo safari to Africa and a cruise through the Mediterranean (with girlfriends, of course); lost all unnecessary weight; made a difference to someone, somewhere.
5. I’ve always been fascinated with sculpture. I think I’d enjoy the tactile experience of it. The other thing I’ve considered is metalwork. I love metal art and own quite a lot of it. Who knows, maybe combining the two – making metal sculptures is something worth considering.

For those of you who don't know Sherry, I encourage you to go visit her. She is lovely and one of my most favourite virtual friends! Thanks for your questions, Sherry. At this point, I'm surprised you had anything left to ask :)


MidniteScrapper said...

Great answers, Lee! I always have questions for friends! I just checked my one favorite pen and it is also a Precision 08 pen. I don't even know where I bought it, but it is my "go to" pen for my pages.
I enjoy coming to your blog and getting to know you better because you are real. You encourage me, through your journey, to stay true to myself and my beliefs and to continue to learn - everyday! Thanks Lee!

Jayne said...

Interesting anwsers Lee and hey I found one thing we don't have in common. I hate writing with a pencil (I would tease my sister that it is because I don't make mistakes LOL but the reality is I like the way a medium point gloppy pen feels!)

Kyla said...

Lee . . . I'm loving your Q&A's! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us all! BTW . . . you have made a difference in somebody else's life . . . MY OWN! ; ) You're truly an inspiration! So you can mark that one off your list of goals.