Friday, April 24, 2009

Whatever will I do?

Conditioning camp is over!

Both boys participated in one-hour sessions with about 20 other hockey players per class for the better part of April. A total of 34 hours watching them (and their friends) being put through their paces in an effort to be prepared for hockey tryouts. Louis and I played plenty of divide-and-conquer in order to get them to the rink and all the other activities.

Funny story: Caden and I arrive a the rink for his last session: number 14. At the front we checked the screens for the rink and change room assignment. Incredulous, Caden turns to me and says "tryout camp, TRYOUT CAMP! What am I trying out for? I'm not trying out for rep hockey, mama. I'm not ready!" I had to assure him that he'd been at tryout camp all month and no, he didn't have to try out for rep, I just thought it would be something fun for him to do in April. "Yes, it was fun. But, mama, I'm not trying out for anything, you make sure George knows." Okay, buddy, I'll let him know.

Now, the other one, has been going to tryouts and continues to go. The last of them are being held over the weekend.

Oh my, what on earth will we do in May?


MidniteScrapper said...

Seriously. All that time on your hands? =]
Hope you have lots of fun together!

Creative Junkie said...

Aaaah - you're a hockey mom! From what I hear, that requires a ton of dedication and willingness to travel and sit on cold metal benches for hours at a time.

My fanny was not built to be a hockey mom. Thank God I have girls who are not interested in hockey or skating, although my eldest has 2 girlfriends who, from what I hear, are incredibly talented at both.

ArlaMo said...

I'm glad for a bit of rest in spring - only one in track. Fall will be the busy season with four in soccer and one in cross country. I need a clone (or five!)

Jack said...

I suspect you have a list of things planned for the month of May ;)

Have fun!

Jayne said...

I have no doubt you will fill up every second and then some :)