Saturday, April 25, 2009

Name Your Dream: Shutter Sisters WIN!

About a month back, I posted about the Shutter Sisters and their Picture Hope.

I am happy to let you know that THEY WON the $50,000 grand prize as announced on the Name Your Dream Assignment website. Here is the submission:

Picture Hope

Two shutter sisters travel to five continents to create a visual catalog of hope from surprising sources while an entire community of women photographers do the same right here at home.

We are Shutter Sisters Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts, and our dream is to tell stories that change you and me forever.

Our photo assignment takes a community of dreamers on a journey around the world where we consider the essence of hope--that elusive quality that makes it possible to believe this is not the end of your story no matter how simple your stress or profound your tragedy.

On this worldwide adventure, we'll use our lens like a window to see beyond circumstances and context into the heart of what it means to truly be human. We'll search for hope in the lives of the very people who have had every reason to abandon hope as nothing more than wishful thinking, and we'll travel to the places where they first learned hope is a viable way of life.

The inspiration for our travel destinations will be women who are dear friends to us here in the United States--former modern day slaves, genocide survivors, young activists, old visionaries and new immigrants. We'll begin in northeastern Rwanda in a quiet village where two young girls wait to be reunited with a mother they've been missing for over three years. Our journey ends in the hills of Nepal where an American teenager became the mother of twenty orphans when she decided to follow her heart.

At each new destination, we will introduce you to a person who has become for us a living icon of hope. We'll then invite you to respond with geo-tagged finds from your own lens as together we excavate hope wherever we live, wherever we go. This body of images and video will become a visual catalog for our hopeful world. This online gallery will be our collective resource for the creation of literacy tools and print resources to make a real world difference in the lives of the hopeful people we've met on our dream assignment.

Our journey begins April 1st as we join the Shutter Sisters community in gathering images of hope right here at home. These images will be printed on tiny cards called "hope notes" and we'll carry them with us wherever we travel to tell the world you're listening.

What happens next is up to you. Pick hope.

It is so fantastic, I am so thrilled for them.

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