Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 of 12 May

How in the world would I do a 12of12 when I had absolutely nothing scheduled to do? No place to go. No one to see. How terrible a post would that be? Well, here we go!

Outside my "office" window is a gorgeous red maple just starting to bloom. I sit at my desk each morning while the house is still quiet, sipping my coffee, catching up with the world. Slowly the house wakes and my day begins.

Breakfast wouldn't be the same without the boys roughhousing. It brings Cole such joy. Some day Caden will get him!

After roughhousing comes the inevitable "have you seen my shoes"? Yup, just where you left them.

And they're off. Chloe was very excited about her day as they were off to Medieval Times in Toronto. How exciting: eating with no cutlery!

Command central: Louis is getting negotiating the sale of the contents of Frozen Ropes. It seems to be going pretty well.

I love Tuesdays! The cleaning crew arrives and for a few hours every inch of the house is clean. Aah, wonderful! Then, the kids come home. But hey, for a few hours it's bliss :)

Louis left for work and I felt like I needed to get out of the house for a bit. It was a beautiful day to put the top down, so that's exactly what I did. A lovely drive through our little downtown to the eastern border and back again. Nice and slow. Took it all in. Lovely.

The rest of my day was spent finishing, yes, finishing the cleaning and organizing of my studio. Not just the outside, but even all of the paper and embellishments are nowsorted and put into ROYGBIV order. That is what took so long, but so glad it's done!

This boat sits outside every sunny day ... mocking me. Seriously considering getting a nice little cabin cruiser. Or not.

The kids were collected from school and little Miss Moe smelled a little "horsey". A quick shower and she was happy to smell more like her watermelon shampoo.

I had to watch Dr. Oz's last show on Oprah. I can't believe he's done 55 episodes! So thrilled he's getting his own show - September 14th. Mark it in your calendar!

Our evening will come to a close while watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Chloe and I will enjoy both as the rest of the family is watching movies. So glad to have one keep me company!

Hope you had a lovely day :) Did you do a 12of12? If so, tell us in the comments so we can check out your day.


Creative Junkie said...

I am seriously so jealous of the view outside your windows.

I'm literally turning GREEN with envy. It's just gorgeous!

Jayne said...

Great job recording this - it is after all the things that make up most of our days :)

WOuld love to do 12 of 12 but can never remember to do it on the 12 - need reminder e-mails on the 11th :)

shirley said...

Great captures for your day! I love seeing all of the little adventures you and the gang have!