Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hockey Fundraiser

Cole's Oakville Ranger Pee Wee AE team is starting fundraising early. But, lucky for us, it's timely! Frozen steaks and hamburgers, in perfect time for summer entertaining. I've ordered mine so I will not be caught off guard when friends drop by!

If you are interested in supporting Cole's team, the details:

In connection with Leavoy-Rowe Beef Co., our team is running a Steak and Hamburger Sale.

We are offering AAA Certified Sterling Silver STRIPLOIN STEAKS: sold in 10 pound boxes - (20-8 oz steaks per box). These steaks are 1” thick pieces, aged a minimum of 4 weeks, steam pasteurized, cryovac-doubles ( 2 per bag) and frozen. Cost per steak box is $180.

Also available are HAMBURGERS: 100% pure beef chuck (24-6oz hamburgers per box). Cost per hamburger box is $46

All profits ($50 per box of steaks and $18 per box of hamburgers sold) will go to support of our team.

Please make cheques payable to "Oakville Rangers Peewee AE"

If you are interested, just drop a line to me at leecurrie at cogeco dot ca and I'll make arrangements to order your party in a box :)


Char said...

How long do we have to order?

Lee said...

By the end of next week then it takes a week to come in.