Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photos: Favourite Colour

Not only do I participate in my "real life" communities: good friends, two schools, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, neighbourhood; but I participate in a few "virtual" communities as well. For the next couple of weeks, on one of those groups, there is a challenge to photograph your favourite colour. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, on a different group there was the challenge to photograph the colour red in unexpected places. Since red is my favourite colour, I felt like I was "cheating" by submitting those photos again even though, I'm pretty certain, no one from either group participates in the other.

What to do?

As it turns out, one of my friends loves the colour pink and decided that pink is a very difficult colour to find outside of spring flowers. As I sat at my desk pondering her post, I discovered she was right. Now THAT is a challenge! Where could I find the colour pink?

Here we go:

Do you have an article of clothing with a story? Well, this beaded pink jacket has one. A long one. It was worn once, in 1996. I have purged everything else in my closet - except my wedding dress (1994). I don't think I can bring myself to part with this jacket. Anyway, it is my favourite article of clothing and it happens to be pink.

Claire has a pink gingham couch in her room. This couch has been in many, many homes in many, many rooms and has made a comfortable place to rest for many, many people. I'm thinking it is about 25 years old and in dire need of a facelift but come on ... a pink gingham couch? It's fabulous!

Chloe has the most Chloe-perfect pillow on her bed. It reads "little miss drama". Oh my goodness, truer words have never been spoken ... or embroidered on a pillow!

Scrubbers! Call me what you like, but pink scrubbers work the best. Really :)

There is A LOT, well, more than a lot of pink to be found in my studio. I refrained from taking more than this simple photo of some delicious ribbon I picked up at ScrapFest a couple of weekends ago. I must decide what to do with it. Perhaps add it to the page with these pink pictures?

These days, as I walk out our front door there is a sweet decorative tree on the verge of full bloom in the island of our cul du sac. I should do a spread of some kind on the complete photos I took of that tree today - I whittled it down to 10 really wonderful shots.

What is YOUR favourite colour? Where do you see it every day? In what places does it make you smile? Now, go photograph it!


Kyla said...

What a wonderful challenge! LOVE your photos! AWESOME as usual!

I must see what I can come up with . . .

bcre8uv said...

Great challenge & fabulous photos! This would be a super way to get more photos behind my color tabs in my LOM category drawers. :)

ArlaMo said...

Pink is my favorite!! Lovely pictures, Lee.