Sunday, May 10, 2009

Command Performance: Mother's Day

Each Mother's Day we go for a lovely lunch at my Dad's home in Toronto. It is a "command performance" which means, it is not to be missed: and we never would. My kids get such a charge out of seeing their extended family. This year was so much fun as all of the grandchildren have grown up so much, even since we last saw the crew in December, and they enjoy seeing each other so much. They might enjoy it more than the adults, but I doubt it :)

Each year we take a family photo out in the back yard, but I figured when I read the frost warning (yes, frost warning) before we left, that there was chance we'd not get any outdoor photos taken. I did pack along my portrait lens (admittedly giving me trouble - or maybe it's the photographer!) and took as many photos as I could of the festivities so that I can put something together for my parents as a thank you.

There is a perfect North corner in the house and with the flat light of the day, portrait opportunities were perfect. Each of the grandchildren posed for me, I asked them to strike whatever pose they chose and then I took the photo. I wanted to capture them as they are, their true personality. I got some really good shots. Here are my kids (as I don't have permission to plaster everyone on the internet!):

They clean up nice, eh?

It was such a wonderful day. Cole and Louis left early to get our hockey guy to the rink for 4PM but the rest of us stayed to say a leisurely goodbye. Until next time ... in December!

I wish for all of you a very happy Mother's Day. I hope you all got breakfast in bed, colourful construction paper cards, lots of hugs and plants like I received from mine:

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MidniteScrapper said...

I had a great Mother's Day and I'm glad you did too. I like the idea of getting all dressed up and having a traditional place to get together every year. You don't hear it as often with Mother's Day. Nice. Great pictures too - your kids look wonderful.