Friday, June 12, 2009

12 of 12 June (aka Chloe's Day)

I can't believe it has been a whole month since the last 12 of 12. It's never too late to start! Go check out Susan's site and take 12 photos on the 12th of the month. Easy! I am so thrilled I started - it's a hoot to look back and see our day-in-the-life each month.
The windows are more than a bit dirty because of the new brick driveway going in at the house next door - lots of dust - but the sunrise light reflecting off the red maple outside our window makes waking up a pleasure.
I enjoyed my copy of the latest Canadian Scrapbooker magazine with my morning coffee. I hadn't received my copy in the mail and quickly picked up a copy last night but no chance to read it. I was anxious to see the work of many of the women I have "met" over at JustCre8.
On our way to Claire's French exam. She's really not enjoying having her photo taken lately. It's not stopping me from trying!
After the exam we headed all over the place: the bank for a draft and deposit, the gas station to fill up and Fortino's for the groceries. Love this advertising campaign. Claire picked up a box of the square Shreddies claiming "what can I say? I'm a traditionalist." Crack me up.
Chloe is thrilled to ride home from school. Since the start of exams, Claire has been riding her bike to school to walk home with Caden. She stops by 7Eleven with the kids for a treat and then Chloe rides the bike home. I'm liking this arrangement!
Here are the three walkers, it takes them about an extra half hour to make it to the house. We live about 2.5km from the school. (No, not uphill both ways, but who knows what they'll tell their kids!)
I have found it fascinating lately that Caden, who never showed any interest in Lego, ever, is now addicted to it! Just one more example that my kids are late bloomers :)
Can you see the bruises on Claire's legs? Terrible! Multicoloured mess.
While the boys stayed home waiting for daddy to take them to hockey, Claire and I took Chloe to the mall for dinner at Oliver and Bonacini. We'd never been there (but I'm a huge fan of the decor and menu) so figured it might be a nice treat to celebrate Chloe's birthday. The meal was wonderful and surprisingly inexpensive - not cheap, but certainly a good value. I'm all about value!
After dinner, Claire took Chloe shopping while I waited at Timothy's (similar to Starbucks) located downstairs. I managed not to drink the worst vanilla latte ever made.
The girls survived their shopping adventure. Two new jacket tops from Garage and a couple more cute tops for Chloe.
When we got home, Caden was still at hockey with Louis. (Update: he scored 2 goals, had 1 assist and went crazy with the slap shots!). Cole had his bag all packed and ready to go.

At this writing we're just finished with the first period of the last game of the Stanley Cup and Louis has headed off to Canlan with Cole for his 3on3 game. A game he is reluctant to attend. After all, it is "game 7, mama. Do you know how important this is? Geez." Up until today I really thought the whole house was rooting for Detroit. Turns out I'm wrong! Are you reading this, Lynne? Claire is cheering for Sid the Kid and the Penguins.

I'm just happy to watch the game. All remaining children are in my room so I'm going to join them.

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Do your kids walk 2.5k to school and back? Everyday? Or just in the nice weather? Isn't there buses? Yes, I'm sure they'll tell their children that it was uphill both ways and more :)

I like Micheal Bonacini on Cityline. If I ever make it east I'll have to go to one of his restuarants.

Lee said...

Hey Tracy, they actually walk back home, only in good weather, from school. Otherwise chauffeur mama or daddy deliver them every day. There is a bus but the stop is half way to the school!

When you make it out this way I'll take you to one of the Bonacini restaurants :)

Jayne said...

As always - love your 12 of 12! My favorite photo this time is the one with the hand - so perfect to illistarte the teen years! LOVE her face in the photo-perfect!

MidniteScrapper said...

Guess what, Lee? I didn't forget this time! lol I will be posting them before Monday... anyway =] enjoyed your pics, as usual. Loved the pic of her holding up her hand. I have a young 13 year old like that. tsk tsk. What can you do? Take more photos! haha.