Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

Here is a quick glimpse into our life this weekend:

Friday was hockey night. Louis took Caden to his 3on3 game, delivered him back home and collected Cole for his 3on3 game. The second game was at Ice Sports which very conveniently has a bar-restaurant. Very convenient to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. They got in late enough that I was sleeping upon their return!

First thing Saturday morning, the men took themselves off to the local barber shop. Caden wanted a "Stan" cut, so a #1 it was! He actually looks pretty good almost bald. Cole had his first cut since I-don't-know-when and the woman was amazed at how thick his hair is ... it really grows like a bush, not long, just thick. I don't cut it until he asks, and he asked on Saturday so off to the barber we went.
From the barber we were off to Glen Abbey Rec Centre for the boys to play lacrosse. Both had pretty good games. Caden played vs. his buddy Brian's team and we think the Wings (Caden's team) lost. Cole's team, the Mammoth, tied. In between we went to Subway with Brian's family - his brother Harrison plays with Cole. One big happy Saturday afternoon of relative chaos. While we were at lacrosse, Louis had Claire at yet another round of baseball tryouts. This is the result: the bruise really did get much worse! The ball took a bad bounce. She laughed it off but I'm sure it hurt!
This is the hand of the messiest child who ever entered this house. It is also one of the two hands which cleaned both the playroom and her bedroom and closet for the rest of the weekend. Oh, and grounded? Yup. GROUNDED. Absolutely NO television with the exception of the Food Network, Discovery Channel, News and Sports: her version of hell on earth.
Clamity of untold proportion: the death of Claire's purple Samsung phone. Now she is using Cole's. Why? Because he doesn't ever use it!
Claire and I spent Sunday at the Dragonboat races in Port Credit. The boys spent Sunday fashioning weapons of mass distruction in our back yard. Who needs expensive paint ball or lazer tag toys?
Claire's team did very well. Two boats were entered and made it into the final race. One boat came in 1st, the other in 3rd. So thrilled with a wonderful day! Even better, the event has been shortened to end at 2PM rather than 5PM. Yay.
While we were gone, the Great Cup Collection was underway. We have a rule in this house, it might be the same in your house: we are to eat and drink in the kitchen only. The problem is, no one follows this rule. Ever. We were down to 2 cups in the cupboard. We must have a couple/few dozen. The diswasher was full and running upon my return. We quickly unloaded the truck of water/daylong activity gear and ran over to the local garden centre to pick up some plants for the planters and baskets for the hangers. Yay, the house now looks complete now that the planters are planted and the baskets are hanging!
Steaks were marinating and I cut up and sauteed the mushrooms. Dinner was yummo!

Now we're winding down. Claire is studying for her Social final in the morning. Cole is in the shower. Chloe and Caden are still receiving RSVP calls for their birthday party (bowl in the dark) on Tuesday and Louis is on his computer. I'm writing this blog entry while the 303 edited and culled Dragonboat photos are being uploaded to be sent out to the team - hopefully by tomorrow!

All in all a pretty good weekend. I'll be happy for the week to start and I can relax!

What did you do this weekend?

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