Monday, June 15, 2009

My Best Shot Monday: 15-06-09

We have a sad little dogwood tree outside our kitchen door. The first couple of weeks of June it blooms, first white flowers which turn a beautiful pinkish colour. By the end of the month it will return to it's normal condition: a sad little odd shaped lonely tree.

I often wonder if I should take it out and replace it with something more attractive. Something more practical. Something more worthy.

Then I remember the week of beautiful flowers and I can't remove it from it's place outside the door.

But maybe this year I can add something around it, give it some company?


Buddy said...

Lovely photo!
And I love that way of thinking. I have little friends like that all over my yard - they may not be the best thing all the time, but they do have their moment to shine, and how can I take away their right to exist just because they don't shine all the time?
I vote for keeping the dogwood and adding some new companions. :)

Amy Jo said...

I love the dogwoods that have the pointed petals and the touch of pink. It'll grow bigger, I bet. Lovely shot!

Jayne said...

Pretty! Love the water drops on it :)

shirley said...

Lee - I love this shot! I also happen to love dogwoods, so I am so happy you plan to keep it.
At our last house, we had azaleas planted under the pink dogwood, and some hostas as well.