Monday, June 22, 2009

For Today ...

(inspired by the Simple Woman's Daybook)

Outside my window ... my beautiful red maple is basking in the welcome sunshine
I am thinking ... about this being the last week of school for the three younger kids and putting plans together for summer
We are learning … with all the oodles of stuff coming home from school, what to keep and what to toss away. Sentimental is not what you'd call my kids!
I am thankful for ... peace and quiet and realizing my days of silence are numbered
From the kitchen ... butter chicken on rice with a side of fresh tomato and cucumber salad
I am wearing ... a white t-shirt, black crop pants, black flip flops
I am going ... to bring Claire to her friends house so they can go to the movies
I am reading ... Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos and enjoying every page
I am creating ... a burn disc with all of the recent photos I want to have printed to create layouts
I am hoping ... the neighbours are finished installing their brick driveway as I'm having all the windows washed - inside and out - today [eta: so much for that! sand was flying at 3PM when my man was done!]
I am hearing ... the sand tamper next door, but am about to listen to Ingrid Michaelson sing in my earbuds
Around the house ... there is a certain level of pre-holiday chaos (books, laundry and other piles) which I'm hoping to have all cleared up by ... well ... the holidays!
One of my favorite things ... is my bed, truly the most comfortable place to be, even with the nights getting warmer. I look forward to crawling in each night.
A few plans for the rest of the week ... now that we have no more lacrosse my week looks positively empty! Except for the usual reading, writing and creating during the day: Monday is relaxing; Tuesday I take Cole to the allergist and Claire to her baseball game with the entourage so Louis can go to the hockey board meeting; Wednesday is clear so I guess a good day to get Cole's uniform and pick up some kayaks and equipment; Thursday is the last day of school, early dismissal and Cole's lesson with George, and we're attending a meeting at Town Hall re: road widening (sexy, eh?); Friday is 3 on 3 hockey for both of the boys ... at two different rinks!
A picture to share ...
Cole just kept moving and the boy with the momentum was pretty much ignored. I'm amazed at Cole's agility and balance. As much as his growing up makes me sad, I'm really enjoying the man-boy he is becoming, both in sports as well as academics.

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