Monday, June 29, 2009

For Today ...

Outside my window ... torrential downpours off and on all day long
I am thinking ... I should really get a few lists going and preparations made, create some order out of this current level of disarray. I get a bit jittery with disarray. Trying to breathe.
We are learning … always learning. But this week specifically it's theatre arts and new sports and games for the two young ones who are at camp
I am thankful for ... my kids. They really are lovely, fun, thoughtful, energetic and my reason for being.
From the kitchen ... steaks, sauteed mushrooms and italian salad. It's Louis' birthday and it's what he wants. Oh, and ice cream for dessert :)
I am wearing ... jeans, t-shirt, TOMS burlap shoes
I am going ... to enjoy the sound of the storms, looks like they're here to stay all week
I am reading ... the Creative Every Day challenge blog - I always go back to it, but I'm afraid I might become completely immersed in it
I am creating ... layouts, trying to get them done before I take too many more photos!
I am hoping ... to get the house picked up before the cleaning ladies arrive in the morning
I am hearing ... the Bachelorette, my now-not-secret indulgence
Around the house ... I'm still getting used to the every day is a weekend level of mess - did I mention jittery?
One of my favorite things ... is thunderstorms, so this has been a wonderful day. Well, every day is a wonderful day, but this was extra spectacular
A few plans for the rest of the week ... this week I'm at a loss! Trying to get into a groove of some sort but still staying open enough for plans that change on a moments notice ... and everything is so dependent upon the weather. Chloe and Caden are at their first of two weeks of camp, Claire is sleeping in daily until noon or later and Cole is helping Louis with the final move out of Frozen Ropes. Wednesday is Canada Day and I hope we are able to celebrate with fireworks and a special day - it is our first time home for the holiday in many years. Cole has his last lesson with George on Thursday, until we get back on track in August. 3on3 continues on Friday night for both boys - at two different rinks. Me? I have a few projects I'd like to start ... and finish. And, I just got the shipping notification that my monthly kit from JustCre8 should arrive by the end of the week!
A picture to share ...
A few more weeks and I'll be walking this path again. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

"Around the house ... I'm still getting used to the every day is a weekend level of mess - did I mention jittery?"

Oh, I know what you mean, 4th day of vacation and it was already a diaster. New can watch tv after you get your stuff picked up!