Thursday, June 25, 2009

School's Out for Summah!

I know my kids are delirious, so looking forward to 1:45PM today. I have to admit that I'm quite excited as well! We have a ton of things in store, in addition to many trips to Butterfly Ice Cream, for the next nine weeks:
  • Blowing bubbles, chalk drawing, sprinkler jumping, kite flying and water sliding is anticipated
  • Day camp for Chloe (Theatre Arts); Caden (Sports); Claire and Cole (Canoe) all for 2 weeks
  • Lots of sleeping in and going to bed early, I hope!
  • S'mores!
  • We have a family reunion in Quebec for a few days
  • Hours of watching the sailboats floating by will be enjoyed
  • We have computer, math and French enrichment programs to attend
  • I think I've signed Caden up for a hockey camp or two at some point
  • The bag and cooler are packed and ready to head over to Brookdale pool where days will be spent splashing and playing merpeople
  • Another bag and cooler are ready and waiting to head over to Shell Park for days spent on the swings, slides and in the skate park
  • Cole continues with his weekly hockey lessons with George
  • The kayaks and life vests are waiting to be put in the lake
  • BBQs and visiting friends will be greatly enjoyed
  • Golf clubs have been dusted off and great plans to head at least to the driving range have been heard discussed at the breakfast table
  • We have a grand total of 50 books to read (which should greatly limit any t.v. watching and wii playing - well, that's the plan, and we know all about plans, eh?)
  • Each child has one week of menu planning and grocery shopping. They're going to learn to make meals for the family, budget their grocery spending and manage ONE MEAL for everyone to enjoy. THIS is the one project I'm most looking forward to this summer!
  • The camera has a new card and re-charged batteries
Because our days are jam-packed with plans to relax, I will be taking a bit of a break from the blog. I no longer have days to fill by myself, the kids will make sure of that! I had anticipated blogging throughout the summer but realized that I would like to spend time with the kids - well, while they're still at an age to want to spend time with me! I anticipate posting photos and a couple of memes, but I'm not planning on publishing much else, certainly not on a daily basis. I have no doubt my Molskine notebook will be FULL of ideas by the time September rolls around. I'll be back, full time, on September 14th.

As I enjoy my days, I hope you too enjoy your summer.

(I will be answering e-mail, so if you have something to ask, or just want to keep in touch, you're welcome to contact me at: l2l.leemonade at gmail dot com and I'll get back to you!)


L~ said...

I'll miss reading about your life. And I'll miss being inspired to plan. I don't plan for much - seat of the pants kinda gal - and seeing how much you can fit into a day, makes me want to at least try to plan a little!! Happy summer days to you!!!

shirley said...

I love the meal planning assignment you have set up! I need to try that! Will miss your blog entries, but I agree you won't regret spending time with the kiddos!

Jack said...

Great summer you have planned! I can't wait to follow along with you here on lemon2lemonade :)

That tree is so beautiful. I can imagine you spreading a blanket under it, all your family around for a picnic lunch.

Martha said...

What fun...can I come to Camp Lemonade?

May the days be long and filled with laughter...less lemons, more lemonade! :)