Saturday, June 20, 2009

SOOC Saturday 20.06.09

Lately I've been taking many photos of plants. They are the perfect subject for photo experimentation.


It may be the joy of spring, the celebration of new life. Who am I kidding? I love my flower friends because they don't give me goofy faces, they stay still, they always put on a pretty face, they don't fight, don't squint in the light. For photo practicing, I far prefer my flora friends than my children!

In this case, I was attempting to get a dark background, though you can see it's a very bright day for the shot. It worked! It worked! At least, I think it did. What do you think?


Carolyn said...


I just started following your blog recently as I am new to the clickin moms site and saw your website in the Ontario users. I added you to follow on Twitter because I think your photos are great and I like following new interesting people, hope you don't mind :)

I like taking flower photos too, I tried some new sports photos last night and am hoping they come out okay today when I edit them a bit.

Take care, have a blast getting through your bit of a crazy weekend :)

Jessi said...

I have been in a flower phase as well...for pretty much the same reasons ;) This is beautiful. I love the brightness of the flowers against the dark background.

CarrieJ said...

IT WORKED!! great shot! I love flower friends too, but I hate WIND!! At least the kids don't get blown sideways by a strong gust ;)