Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF 19.06.09

I'm trusting that my instincts are right: I am interpreting messages clearly and preparations are being made as a result.

I'm grateful my children are undaunted by obstacles and challenges. It wasn't until tonight that Caden remarked that it really seemed to be a big deal that his team tied the Shamrox team at the lacrosse game tonight. (I don't think I was the only parent to lose her voice cheering!) Though he's fully aware that this is Gala (aka Championship) Weekend, he really didn't understand the significance of the tie. I like that he plays every game to win. The significance of the game is lost on him. Every game is played the same, played to win. Wow. Imagine if we all gave 100% effort all the time at everything we enjoyed?

I'm inspired by the forecast. Though it looks like tomorrow will be wet and miserable, the last week of school is expected to be clear, sunny and in the high 20*s. The countdown is officially ON!

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