Monday, July 20, 2009

My Best Shot Monday: 20-07-09

I love it when they all get along! It is so lovely to hear their laughter and squeals.

Until it turns to something else.

Caught it, just in time ...


MidniteScrapper said...

Just looking at that photo makes my heart happy. You certainly are blessed. Wow.

Nadya 's World!!! said...

Awwwwwww... that is sweet! I love moments like these... :)

Jayne said...

What a fantastic shot! Glad you were there to catch it :)

Kyla said...

Such a PERFECT and RARE photo! This one made me smile from ear to ear. Their smiles are contagious. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello there Lee!!!
I love to keep up with your staff!!!
Love everything you do and write!!!
Sometimes do not know if you get the chance to see the things I post to you!!!
I specially love this picture of your 4 beautiful kids!!!
great photographer!!!