Sunday, August 23, 2009

Around the twist

Is there a word in your world that drives you around the twist?

Every time you hear it you shudder or your teeth hurt?

I have one such word. One I hear, or more accurately read, on a regular basis. I am a creative type, virtually surrounded by other creative types, who are often faced with writers-, scrappers-, designers-, photographers-, creative-block.

Often you will find a comment, or ten, about lost MOJO. "I'm looking for my MOJO." or "Have you found my MOJO?" You get the idea.

Can I tell you how much I loathe that particular word?

Most things in my life I let just roll right off. I do not bother with stuff I can't control, and all that good stuff, you know? But in this case I just have to scream:

I can't take it anymore!

There, I feel better now, thank you.

I'm not normally so adversely affected by something so inconsequential in such a visceral way. After all, it's just a word. An over-used and misunderstood word. But still, just a word.

According to the web dictionaries, mojo means magic powers; or, to use a magic spell. Seems pretty benign to me. But it's not.

So intense is my loathing, I have spent the last few months consciously trying to find an alternative. As I read through blogs, magazine articles, e-mails and message boards, I have tried various words to replace mojo in a sentence.

I finally found the perfect word.

In actual fact, I came back to the first word I considered; but, thought it too corny, too predictable, too basic. Not creative enough. But you know, it really is perfect ... for me.

Cuz, I'm sure if you use Mojo, you'll keep using it - I will just have to continue to change it in my head :)

So, I've chosen ... drumroll ... haha!


As in spark plug, spark of flame, spark of interest, spark of ... whatever you want it to spark! Corny? Predictable? Basic? Yes. But more important? Accurate. I don't want to cast a spell. I don't want to fool anyone into believing something that isn't there. I want to create. Create well. Create with intention.

So, spark it is.

Okay, nonsensical post is now over. Laugh with me at my ridiculous brain farts!

Is there anything nonsensical that drives you around the twist? Some niggling little thing that you wish you could change? Some phrase that has entered your world that you would like to kick to the curb? Please let me know I'm not alone!


Char said...

Oh you are so not alone! The one in particular that comes to mind is one that has happened to me TWICE this year.
When telling someone that you are going to a funeral, the response that drives me around the twist is "OMG, they died??", they didn't. They were just getting on our nerves so we thought we would jump the gun and bury them anyway!


Jayne said...

LOL Lee! Now that I know what the word means i would actually like to have some mojo (as in majic) :wink: The word that drive me bonkers is moist. So gross to me - I can't help but think of all the nasty things that might want to grow where something is "moist" Ewwwww