Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 of 12 September

Today promised to be a full day. September always brings a crush of activity. Baseball tryouts (Claire), exhibition hockey games (Cole), new activities (Chloe) and just plain goofing around (Caden). And, there's always the extra stuff! The biggest problem was trying to remember to take photos.

Here was a sampling of my day:

The Ranger garage sale started our day. I arrived with Cole and Claire at 7AM to help set up. There was so much stuff!

Seriously, buddy? If you think this photo is not making it on the blog, you don't know your mama! Too funny and so glad he has such a great sense of humour. Even funnier was one of his teammates on the next shift did the same thing. I love 12-year-old boys.
Look at this guy, Herman. He's 16 weeks old. He's far happier than he looks.
We brought home bikes from the garage sale for Chloe and Caden. Cole is determined to teach a reluctant Caden to ride a bike. Amazing? He mastered it in less than a half hour. Yay! He'll now enjoy more adventures than he'd ever imagined. Amazing what freedom wheels can give you.
Chloe learned how to ride, with her brother teaching her, last summer. She's been all through the area and anxious to show Caden all the spots to go! They've re-worked the bridge so the kids are now able to ride underneath to cross the really busy road. Let freedom reign!
Claire was a bit flushed when I collected her from the AAA Oakville A's baseball tryouts. She entered this process knowing she would be one of the first cuts (we expect them tomorrow) but she is determined to give 100% while she can. Gotta love a girl with spirit :) My job: say yes and take her to the tryouts. Coach's job: keep her or cut her. Either way she has my support!
Meet the LOUDEST crow ever. Didn't shut up for hours. Argh!
While all of that activity was underway, Louis was supervising the Minor Atom Red draft until the early afternoon. All teams have been chosen and he sat in the front entry and read to Caden all his teammates. I don't know that he knows anyone which is always exciting.
Once that was done, the boys were off to a mini-stick tournament in the basement. Why the basement? Who knows! It was so beautiful outside!
Don't you agree?
After an hour or so enjoying the lovely weather, we were off to another Ranger event. An exhibition game against a team from Hamilton. Rangers won. Cole was pretty good with his drive-home-game-analysis.
And with that, it's light's out. We have another early start tomorrow. Louis has yet another hockey draft, Claire has her baseball tryout, and, I have PLENTY of projects to complete!

Hope you enjoyed your 12th of the month. Join in the fun! Head over to this site and find out how to participate!


Lorna said...

Hi, Lee; I have an award for you at my place ... the Honest Scrap Award, for those bloggers who write from their heart. Come on over and get it!

jillconyers said...

As always Lee, love your vision through a lens.

Have a great day :)

Martha said...

Ok, your picture of Cole with the purple hat on reveals much about you: you can conquer your germaphobia for the sake of a blog-worthy/future blackmail photo op! We're so proud of you! :)

Seriously, great snapshot of the day.

I'm 2 months straight in forgetting to do this challenge. Oh well..maybe next month?

shirley said...

The picture of Cole with the Tinky-Winky hat is the BEST! So funny! Great shots of a busy day!

Jayne said...

Love this every month! Why can't I get my act together to do one of my own? Argh!