Friday, September 11, 2009

TGIF 11.09.09

I'm trusting that our ever filling schedule will not overwhelm us this season. The start of every season can be stressful.
I'm grateful to have so much to do - busy is always good. Certainly better than the alternative.
I'm inspired to re-energize and embrace our Saturday "to do" and make it a huge "ta da" then order in Japanese and enjoy probably one too many glasses of wine!

Perspective: Our schedule tomorrow is insane - far more than I anticipate to be our new "normal" but it's close! We will arrive at Cole's team garage sale for 7AM to help set up - there is a TON of stuff an I'm afraid we might be short handed; stay to take photos through the first and second shift; remind Louis to head to the hockey office to supervise the Minor Atom Red draft (he's convenor); deliver Claire to Oakville Park for the AAA baseball tryouts; deliver photos to Fortino's to be developed for a project; be at River Oaks rec centre to register Chloe for speed skating - yes, speed skating; remember to pick up Claire; complete 2 layouts with the photos I'd better remember to pick up; get Cole all packed, ready and in his shirt, tie and dress pants and at the rink for 5:30PM. Can I tell you how good that  glass of wine is sounding right about now? Well, it looks like I won't be getting it, or my Japanese food, until tomorrow around 9PM! Oh, and the most fun? It's the 12of12 tomorrow. At least there will be plenty of activities from which to choose for my layout/post!

I trust, I'm grateful and I am certainly inspired by our new school year and all of the challenges, logistic and otherwise, it promises to bring.

How about you? Want to participate in TGIF? If so, get the scoop over at Ordinary Courage. Even if you don't want to participate, do yourself a favour today and head over anyway. You won't regret it!

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