Thursday, September 17, 2009

*8 Things: I'm looking forward to with the start of school

As much as I enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of summer, I’m relieved to welcome September and the start of the school year. I crave order and schedules and start to get a bit itchy (oh yes, and bitchy, too!) by the middle of August.

My *8Things I look forward to with the start of school:
  1. Routines start and order is restored to my days. Some might consider the patterns of our days: school, homework, reading, hockey, choir, etc. mundane, but I find comfort in it. Consistency is key.
  2. Early starts to the day always make me feel energized. That coupled with the earlier, consistent bedtimes makes for a well rested and energy filled family. Wonderful.
  3. Getting things done because there is a deadline, plans are not as flexible or dependent on good weather. No longer can we put off until tomorrow. There are a crazy number of activities scheduled between now and December.
  4. Uniforms, for two anyway! Again, something that appeals to my sense of order, and they look so sharp in their new clothes.
  5. Shopping for supplies at Staples is so much fun. Though I did give the honour to Louis this year. Who can resist those aisles of paper and pens; calculators and math sets; binders and backpacks? Clearly it is a family addiction.
  6. Meeting and getting to know the new teachers is always a thrill. We’ve had good teachers and some not-so-good teachers, but I do my best to wait and see. A teacher who was terrible for your kid may not be terrible for mine and vice versa. It's always an adventure.
  7. The feel of fall in the air is always invigorating. The humidity departs and the breezes arrive, making way for the crisp air and crunch of leaves underfoot.
  8. The negotiations of bed time and walking/riding to school; lunch lady or pizza; permission to go to dances; appropriate new season shows; the tug-of-war of everyday happenings. Life itself.
This is my favourite time of the year. It is my personal New Year. Not only am I one year older, and presumably one year wiser, but for the majority of my life, as a student or parent of a student, it has been the traditional beginning of the year.

This is the time when I do my utter best to instill new positive family habits and ban the bad ones, inasmuch as that's possible as often it is a 5-1 ratio of opposition here in this house!

I do have to say that things have gone relatively smoothly this year. Chloe and Caden headed back to class, with little or no drama on the day after Labour Day. Claire and Cole were back this past Monday. Cole has been looking forward to going to his new school since his acceptance last Spring. He's absolutely wired and I'm hoping he settles in soon. Claire is now in her first year in the Upper School and there will be plenty of drama, but none as yet.

We're still working out some after school kinks, but for the most part it's pretty smooth. What do you look forward to with the start of school?

What are your *8 Things? Join in!


Jayne said...

I always love the start of school/fall too! :)

Rachelle Mee-Chapman said...

Thanks for your list -- way to make it your own!

We are celebrating the start of fall this weekend with our annual chili fest. It's my favorite season!

jillconyers said...

What is it with me and numbered lists. Thursday 13 and now I want to add 8 Things to my weekly blogging :)

I love back to school for a lot of the same reasons you do.