Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Lessons

When looking back, August was a far busier month than it felt, I’m reminded why I have a blog … to keep my addled old mind on track! Which is why (I think) I couldn't stick with my resolution to take a break and not blog until September. I finally cracked within the first week of returning home from holiday!

  • We started the month in Gatineau, Quebec and enjoyed a few days with Daddy’s family, getting to know aunts, uncles, cousins and making new friends.
  • Insomnia stinks and I have to find a way to shut off my mind at night that has nothing to do with wine!
  • As it turns out, I can produce 15 pretty fabulous layouts in 48 hours. Who knew? My Cape Cod album for this summer is almost all done all thanks to Jayne and Feeling Scrappy.
  • The family trip to Marineland was a hoot! So far it has to be our favourite place as it appeals to all of the kids: marine animals and scary rides, what could be better?
  • Sadly, Just Cre8 is closing up, but I did “help out” by ordering a ton of stuff. Instead of “using my stash” I’m stimulating the economy. Right?
  • The nasty forsythia hedge has been pulled out and I’m still mulling how it should be replaced.
  • Talking about nasty – have you been watching Big Brother? It is our annual summer addiction and I have to say that this has been the most outrageous season so far!
  • I learned to be patient and went through every single aspect of my blog and finally located the source of the terrible ads – and removed them. Ah, silence.
  • Sometime while we were away Caden's 3on3 team over at Ice2Ice won the playoffs. The coach very kindly brought over his championship t-shirt when we returned: Caden was very surprised and happy. Cole's team? Who knows! I'm pretty sure they didn't win, but they had a lot of fun. Isn't that the idea?
  • I have lovely friends and some even take my kids – for a day or five! Cole had a wonderful time learning how to cottage, thanks Lynne! Chloe loves spending time with Olivia, thanks Lindy! And, thanks to everyone else for all the summer time fun invitations.
  • I signed up for (*gasp*) another course over at Big Picture Scrapbooking and am seriously thinking I have a learning problem … a disability even! I can’t help but sign up for good quality courses all.the.time.
  • I really enjoy when my sisters come over with their kids. So much fun to listen to the cousins getting along while we sit and sip our wine.
  • The Ranger 3on3 tournament was again so much fun, Cole really enjoyed being included.
  • For the Cathy Zielske class, so many of my friends sent some lovely words for me to use in my newest class project. Thank you so much! Love that you know me so well, and like me anyway ;)
  • Cole has taken his first step to being a full-time Appleby student with the receipt of his laptop and graduating from his e-school course.
  • Photography has become my absolute obsession. The problem is the weather - during the day - this month was mostly hot and sunny. That does not make for the best photos. Well, they don’t to me.
  • Claire pitched at the OBA finals. Her first game: 53 pitches, zero walks; they won the game 12-0 and she was a huge part of the win. The second game was a solid performance, she “rested” her arm playing 3rd. Third game she went 5 innings as pitcher, another solid performance. The final game, again resting, they all gelled well and won. The irony: she’s decided to quit baseball. The great part: she’s leaving while she’s at her peak rather than fading away. That’s my girl!
  • I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of Ella!
  • I don’t know what I did to my ankle while in Quebec, but I still can’t walk properly. Now I’m really starting to get frustrated.
  • I still get giddy when I receive a pat on the back.
  • I’ve been receiving such lovely e-mails from some people I know, and others I don’t know in person but know personally, online. They are all so kind and thoughtful and warm they bring me to tears. Lovely tears. Thank you all so much.
  • I finally managed to update my 365 blog with photos of our daily life. I was more than a little bit behind!
  • Cole continues his dedication to being the best defenceman he can be with twice-weekly lessons with George to make up for “slacking” (his word) in July. He has always been the driving force and we’ll continue to support him as long as he’s having fun.
  • I’m missing my friends and looking forward for school to start so we can all get together for lunch.
  • Louis is getting a full dose of hockey as one of the new members of the MOHA board. He is forever printing off notes! I’m thinking when you’re voted on, you should also be given your own forest for pulp.
  • Dry land training has started over at BTNL and Cole is loving every minute of it! Claire and Cole are signing up with Dan in September – and he’s even willing to whip me into shape, even though he very kindly told me that I’m shaped like a “mum is supposed to be”. Funny guy :)
  • Louis bravely took the kids to Staples to collect all of the necessary back to school supplies. Louis decided to go because I get a bit giddy in an office supply store and we figured less would be purchased if he went. We were wrong!
The new school year is upon us. We have a lot to look forward to in September as it promises to be a whirlwind month!

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Jayne said...

Love reading your re-caps! Would you mind if I use this idea? I think it would be really helpful in my always present efforts to record our family memories :)