Thursday, October 8, 2009

*8 Things: Heard most around this house

Often I feel as though I'm a broken record (though none of my kids know what that means). Maybe I could just play an endless loop of these phrases on their iPods:

"How much do I love you" "Big much" "How do you know?" "I feel it in my heart"
_____ where are you?
Close the door!
Did you get your homework done?
Did you play your best? Did you have fun? Oh yeah, did you win?
Get off the computer, NOW
Is your equipment on your tree? Are you sure?
This place looks like a bomb hit it ... pig sty ...

*8 Honourable Mentions:
Have you read your book yet?
Cole, Cole, COLE!
Brush your hair, Chloe.
Take out the earbuds.
Turn out the lights, our house looks like a Christmas tree!
The laundry doesn't get done on your bedroom floor

Are you playing along? What are your *8 Things today?


jillconyers said...

RIght now my kids hear "seriously?" a lot LOL

Got a laugh out of the laundry doesn't get done on your bathroom floor :)

Ryzmomplus2 said...

with just one home its pretty quiet in my house, but oh do I remember those days!

Jayne said...

LOL! I will have to do this list one week! Wanted to thank you again for introducing me to this - I am really enjoying it - taking time each week to reflect on some things!

shirley said...

No "whatever"? You are so lucky!