Friday, October 9, 2009

TGIF 09.10.09

I'm trusting today will be wonderful. I've planned a trip to Buffalo with my eldest - we're on a hunt for fun Ts at Hot Topic and some kitchen stuff at Target (say it with me now, the Canadian way, Tar-jaaaaay)
I'm grateful for this, our Thanksgiving long weekend. After much negotiation, the kids have determined that we are going to have a HUGE turkey dinner with all, really ALL, of the trimmings, especially Grandmaman's pork stuffing - made mama's way :)
I'm inspired by the incredible gallery of talent over on Flickr, the ladies participating in LOAD are remarkable, encouraging, kind and truly inspiring. Bonus? I get to meet Barb, one of those remarkable, encouraging, kind and inspiring ladies on Sunday. Yay me!

Want to participate in TGIF? If so, get the scoop over at Ordinary Courage. Even if you don't want to participate, do yourself a favour today and head over anyway. You won't regret it!

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Jayne said...

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving Lee! I bet your dinner will be yummy!