Thursday, October 22, 2009

*8 Things: I wish for my children

Cole has been asked to produce a "bucket list" for his Guidance class at school. In addition his father and I have been asked to produce our own list. Cole's is to be 100 items long; Louis and I get off a bit easier as our lists are to be only 10 items long. Good thing!

It got me thinking of what it is that I wish for my children: in broad strokes. 

I wish for each of my children a life with:
  1. Challenges
  2. Loyal friends
  3. Curiosity
  4. Travel and adventure
  5. Safety 
  6. Love, great love
  7. Respect
  8. Ambition
I figure, should they have those *8 Things to develop their character, all the rest should easily fall into place. 

What do you wish for yourself? Your kids?

Are you playing along? What are your *8 Things today?