Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday: Yes

The Question: What do you wish to say yes to?

Right now my children are doing their jobs well: pushing. Pushing HARD. Pushing x4! I really wish I could say yes to their requests:

to eat whatever crap they want all day - ice cream being their latest treat;
to let them sleep rather than go to school;
to not bathe or brush teeth;
to let them wear the exact same articles of clothing to school each day;
to stay up as late as they'd like;
to live in crazy messy rooms;
to leave hockey equipment in the bag instead of drying on the tree;
to listen to music at top volume all night long;
to leave towels on the bathroom floor;
to lose their temper;
to not change the toilet roll or replace the milk bag in the fridge;
and, there's more ...

but I won't get into all of that.

But I do make every attempt possible to say "yes" to every request they have, every day. I learned over this past summer that it is so much more pleasant when around here when I say "yes", so I do so as often as I can. I was saying "no" out of habit, out of laziness, out of lack of imagination and creativity.

So, this week, "yes" Claire can hang out over at Marley's and watch the "Vampire Diaries" on Thursday night (after her homework is done, of course); Cole can stay on the computer all weekend except for the time he is on the ice (which is a lot); Chloe can organize a play-date with her friend Olivia for this weekend; and, only for Caden will I agree to go to a movie theatre, and we'll see "Where the Wild Things Are".

What would you like to say "yes" to? Join in here.

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ArlaMo said...

Fabulous reminder, Lee!!

And did my kids move to your house (just switch hockey gear for soccer and, well, no milk BAGS in the US, lol)