Saturday, October 17, 2009

SOOC Saturday: 17.10.09

Cole was invited to attend his first Black Tie event in Toronto on Wednesday evening. He had a wonderful time. He claimed to be a bit intimidated to start since the only people he knew were his grandparents and his cousin, Will. He quickly acclimated himself and enjoyed the people, the conversations and the speeches. He ate his meal which is a miracle in itself, but admitted to not eating any of the vegetables.

He was very handsome as the limo arrived to collect him:

Wednesday was also the day he got out of school early and knowing he needed to replace his well loved, well used and well cracked Easton S17, we got him his new Easton S19 we headed over to Corbett's. Cole doesn't often ask for much, but when he does it always has something to do with hockey: improving his skating or improving his shooting. We should own shares in Corbett's ... or Easton.

True to Cole's sense of fun, he decided that the next time he wears a tux he will be honoured at the NHL awards ... he hasn't decided what year. Of course he posed, and I took some photos ... you know, just in case! A boy has to have a dream; and, here in Canada, a boy dreams of hockey.


Jayne said...

Awesome photos! LOVE that last one!

Tanya said...

great shots. I love the first one with the close up of the tie. What a handsome boy you have!

Kyla said...

These photos are FABULOUS! Love the suit and the hockey apparel!