Thursday, October 15, 2009

*8 Things: I enjoyed most about Summer 2009

It is hard for me to believe that we are well into autumn. We are enjoying spectacular colour with the onset of colder temperatures: sunrises of pink and orange; leaves red and gold. This past Monday we celebrated our Thanksgiving with plenty of turkey and dressing and potatoes and pies. While we were enjoying the slow pace of the day, I took some time to be mindfully grateful and review our summer photos to pick out the best, the ones that will accompany these stories: 

1. Two trips to Cape Cod: one with friends; the other with family
How wonderful was it to go to Cape Cod with a group of incredibly wonderful women? Almost indescribable it how wonderful it was. All of them are adventurous of spirit and a delight to be around. We are better friends for the experience of a few days by the beach. It is always a wonder to me that so many diverse personalities can get together and enjoy all the good each other has to offer and be richer for the experience. Over time it has become even more special in my memory. The family trip is, as always, a joy. I am so fortunate to have a place to take my children regularly, a place that offers familiarity and comfort. A haven that greets us all with a big salty hug each time we visit.

2. Listening to Sheila describe Claire and Cole at outrigger canoe camp
Now you have to know that Coach Sheila is known to go on and on about how wonderful all the kids are while at camp; and, I'm sure to take everything she says with a heap of salt, but she is genuinely kind about all the kids and very enthusiastic about them and their athletic promise. You have to love that an adult you entrust with not only the safety of your children but also their well-being. Sheila is a lovely, genuine and rare coach. I am so thrilled such an incredible persona has such a positive influence over my children.

3. No crazy temperatures - and I'm good with rain
People are still complaining about how wet and cold our summer was this year. I am not. I suppose it could be due to my extra padding, but I really didn't have any problem with the cooler temperatures. With four kids and the logistics of their many activities you would think that if the summer had been all that bad that I'd remember the transportation and calendar issues. The reality is only one of Claire's baseball games had to be re-scheduled due to weather. I'm okay with a summer like that!

4. New camera has lead to a refreshed desire to take more and better photos
I got myself a new Canon 40D and it is D-licious! Loving everything coming out of that thing! Now, to be sure, the equipment does go a long way to capture a good quality shot, but it does not take the photos. To be honest, I'm becoming pretty insulted when I'm asked to take photos and people ooh and aah about how great my equipment is. Grr. Anyway, I am not deterred and I'm going to make that 40D sing, baby!

5. Fitting Cole for his first school uniform
My boy was wired, quite literally vibrating with excitement and anticipation of attending his new school. He was constantly asking about when we were going for his uniform fitting. Once that was accomplished he moved on to his next obsession. Every day we would drive by the new school and he would tell me how many days left until he was going to starts. I really began to pay attention to the count-down around day 43. I remember thinking to myself that he would give up, not continue, lose count, something. I have no doubt that will not be the last time Cole proves me wrong!

6. Learning new creative techniques; acrylic albums rock
So fun figuring out the directions for some acrylic album kits. I'm all about exploring and learning new things, but it has to be in a safe and controlled environment. I wouldn't want to get too crazy or too creative!

7. Watching the boys play lacrosse and loving every minute of it
Lacrosse has to be the most violent team sport I've ever witnessed. And the parents? Crazy. Hockey parents in comparison might as well be attending a tea party. I'm all for a good game, but after weeks of attending two games every weekend and plenty of practices, I'm still unclear on the rules. I just cheer when they score - either side, I don't care. It's so exciting!

8. Our house went wireless!
This may be no big deal to some, but with everyone in this house on-line in one capacity or another it is WONDERFUL to be able to be anywhere and pop open a computer or laptop. It is so civilized. I can even read recipes, on-line, in the kitchen (of all places!) Happy me!

Bonus: A new Cold Stone Creamery opened in Bronte.

Now that you've had a chance to reflect on your summer, what did you enjoy the most? If you haven't reflected, pour a tea or some wine and sit back, wrap yourself in that blanket, maybe light a fire and think back to those long hazy days.

Are you playing along? What are your *8 Things today?


ArlaMo said...

Cold Stone! You are so lucky!!

The camera comment is interesting - I totally get it, but as someone that is working on improving my photography, I do love to know what type of lenses people use.

Jayne said...

Fun! I just love your list :)

Kyla said...

I always love your 8 things! I may have to sit down and reflect on this this evening . . . after I get the kids to bed. ;)