Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 of 12 November

This turned out to be an average, stay-at-home, welcome to my life, kind of day. Personally, I love my life, but you might find it a bit, uh, boring. You're welcome to skip over this entry :)

I was up very early, very dark early, but totally forgot it was the 12th until it was time to take the olders to school. It was a very frosty morning. Looks like we are quickly moving from autumn to winter. Brr!

Our huge maple in the back yard is shedding it's leaves very quickly this year. The one change in the seasons is the noise. Our back yard is now noisy. Even when the lake looks relatively calm, it speaks. Love it.

The only television show I really don't want to miss is The View. I might agree or disagree with some of the ladies, but they certainly keep me in the loop! I want to be Whoopie when I grow up :)

Hate sheets.

15 years ago. Banff Springs Hotel. Ahh.

Not crazy about the sugar on top, but I LOVE MINCEMEAT tarts. Louis did the grocery shopping yesterday and brought me tarts and a Carrot Cake. Clearly he prefers the larger version of me. See photo above, I prefer that version. Ahh.

Projects, projects, everywhere a project. Blogging for Scrapbookers. Sketchapalooza5. When I Grow Up. 365 Layouts in 365 Days. Yesterday and Today. Unravelling: Further. Wow. Lots to do. Too much? Worth it!

Waiting for Chloe and Caden to be dismissed for their long weekend - no school tomorrow. I got there a bit early, they came out a bit late. Managed to read all of Chapter 6. Exciting!

The big guy is off to a hockey game in Orangeville tonight. By the time he got home from school at 4:30, his carb-filled dinner was waiting for him. Pack it back buddy. Play hard. Have fun!

at this point I had to leave the house, running a change of clothes off to Claire who is visiting her best buddy Marley. Totally forgot the camera. But when I got home, Chloe had poured me this:

What a good girl!

Pitch black, outside. Not even six o'clock. PITCH!

Thank goodness for Chloe that Caden is the king, THE KING of games! This is how they finished up their evening.

It's still a bit early but really, the photos ops are over. Cole is with Louis in Orangeville for his hockey game. Fingers crossed the Rangers do well. I didn't go for two reasons: it's a 75 minute drive and the Orangeville team has been proven to be less than competitive and I have no babysitter.  My lovely babysitter, Claire, is off at a vocal concert with her best friend followed by the Vampire Diaries.

Do you participate in 12 of 12? If so, link up, let me see your day :)


Photographing Mom said...

I liked your day and love your photos!
Going to check out that 12 of 12!!

Gail said...

Loved your photos. Will have to check out 12 of 12, Boy it was chilly today - love the view of the Lake

sharyncarlson said...

What a lovely photo essay. Looks like a perfect every day type of day.

Cheri said...

Beautiful Photos!