Friday, November 20, 2009

Awards: Belated Thank You!

I am so honoured to receive awards ... and completely embarrassed that I received these two AGES ago and got completely caught up in my life and did not acknowledge or participate. Isn't that terrible of me? So, to Lorna and Cathryn I want to offer my heartfelt apologies and tremendous thanks!

From Lorna, I received this:

Which I am to pass along to seven bloggers who write from their heart:

And provide you with 10 things you may not know about me:
I don't know if that's possible. I'm pretty prolific sharing my experiences and opinions!
  1. I always have something to do in my Mama Survival Bag: Moleskine notebooks, reference books, projects (currently Yesterday & Today and Blogging for Scrapbookers), iPod with earbuds, blackberry, camera, two pens, ten toonies, two pencils and plenty of post-it notes.
  2. Our dog Elvis really was sent to a farm in Alberta when household allergies became overwhelming. The "farm" is not an euphemism for something sinister!
  3. I love lobster, fiddleheads and corn on the cob. Best meal, ever.
  4. I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick (yes, you write out s-a-i-n-t), and though I was raised in Toronto, in my heart I consider myself a "maritimer".
  5. I continue to be in contact with the first boy I ever loved. It makes me feel good to share in his accomplishments and his life. He deserves all the joy life has to offer.
  6. I do not enjoy most sit coms and never understood the appeal of Friends or Seinfeld but I'm really loving Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.
  7. I attended boarding school and, contrary to popular belief, sometimes it's the child escaping the parents, not the parents shipping away the problem child.
  8. I continue to be surprised whenever I find myself spending endless hours in a hockey rink. I'm from a family of girls, it is completely out of my frame of reference. I like it's but it's weird.
  9. I have a ridiculous number of books waiting to be read. I have to buy my books since my emerging germophobia makes me freak out over library books. 
  10. I suffer from really bad potty mouth. Really bad. Must work on it.
Thank you so much for the award, Lorna!

From Cathryn, I received this:

I am to pass along to fifteen new-found wonderful bloggers. But, you know, I'm always sending everyone everywhere, so just check where people are coming in from, or read the comments, and go check out everyone who visits here :)

Thanks Cathryn, sorry for the delay, miss you tons!


sharyncarlson said...

Loved reading your list and getting to know you a little better!

Kyla said...

Thanks Lee! You are always inspiring and making the wheels in my mind turn . . . You're a blessing!

Love your list!

jillconyers said...

Hi Lee. Catching up this a.m. You've been busy.

Love your gratitude album. Enjoyed reading your time post. Are you doing a DD album or HIH or both? I"m doing both but I'm not sure how. Combined or separate?

Congrats on the awards :)