Saturday, November 21, 2009

Drumroll: First Quick Page

My friends tease me and find it comical my aversion to digi-scrapping. It is counter-intuitive as I'm quite good on the computer itself, slow, but eventually I get it. Technically I'd be considered a hybrid-scrapbooker as I'm quite good with my photographs, enjoy fonts, really like every aspect of digi except for the lack of tactile experience, the rest is right up my alley. The most appealing part of digi is the portability and lack of mess! Though, the stinging ridicule of my first experience stays with me.

I have to face it and simply get over it.

And I am.

With the help of my brilliant friends. I'm doing what I normally do. Listen. Mull. Read. Consider. Question. Collect. Do.

Many, many, many of those I admire are dabbling in digi. Though, today it clicked. We have no activities until 4PM so I do not feel rushed and slowly enjoyed the content in my google reader this morning. My cyber-friend, Jill, often posts beautiful layouts and projects, her gorgeous kids are often the topic. She certainly has great raw material to work with for her art! Today she posted a quick page. Hmm. A quick page? A free quick page? A cute free quick page?

I found myself downloading the page and then, following the tutorial by Liz Tamanaha, co-founder and designer at Paislee Press. Novel idea, eh? Following instructions! The tutorial is thorough, easy to follow, filled with visual examples and very clear even for someone who doesn't really "get" the terminology yet (and does not ridicule or humiliate for the mean spirited pleasure of others).

Though there is still PLENTY for me to learn, and more than plenty of elements and layers of stuff to purchase, this is my first effort:

Perfect quick page. I can see me doing a number of these for the simple celebrations in our lives. Totally excited about the prospect - especially excited about adding some paper/lumpy bumpy elements. I can be a reverse-hybrid scrapper by printing off a digi page then adding the elements rather than the other way around.

Now that this project is done, I'll get back to my reading, before we have to pack up for hockey! Enjoy your Saturday.


jillconyers said...

Lee your layout looks awesome! Love how you changed the text. Some aspects of digital scrapping appeal to who I am and my personality so I love it, but I don't think I will ever give up traditional scrapping totally. I still have a lot to learn too.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Jayne said...

I am in a similar boat as you Lee! Your page looks great - I will look forward to hearing how you like it once it is printed off. Enjoy your day!

Kyla said...

BRAVO! You courageous soul! ;) This is a fabulous page and I'm so very proud of you! I'm getting closer to trying a digi/hybrid page. I've been downloading some goodies from Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand class and I may just whip out a digi page yet! lol I just have to mull over the process for a bit longer. Slow and steady, you know.