Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Lessons

CISAA 12U Cross Country 2500M Run
27 October 2009 - Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario
Time: 9:33:75

Yet another month has flow, truly wizzed by - maybe it was our finding our back-to-school groove, or our new activity groove, but we blinked and it was over! Plenty got done and yet there is still plenty left to do:
  • Claire is really coming into her own being a photographer, even submitting her work. So glad she's so confident in her art.
  • Caden started a new hockey season as a defenseman for the Knights and he's thrilled! The coaches are so patient with him and are able to focus his enthusiasm into being a more dedicated and determined player. The funny thing is when the two coaches argue about whether or not he should use his slap shot. The funny thing to me? Caden has a slap shot!
  • Chloe's involvement with the Oakville Children's Choir has given us plenty to talk about. It is so nice to share with her something that was so integral to me when I was younger. I never pushed music on the kids and I'm delighted that they found it all by themselves.
  • Battle of the Blades - our equivalent of Dancing with the Stars - is fascinating, frightening, shocking, fun, breathtaking and oh so Canadian. I have never laughed so hard, ever.
  • The Creative Mama is BACK! Yay :)
  • So glad I'm over my fear of Parent-Teacher night! For what feels like forever I felt like I was still a kid walking down the hallowed halls of a great institution and that flawless vessels of brilliance deemed me worthy of being in their presence. Yes, it's true, I was crippled by my awe of authority! Now? Not so much. I think having my very dedicated and studious children has brought out another aspect of my personality. It's quite liberating.
  • The boys on Cole's hockey team are a HOOT to take pictures of, when they're asked to pose you'd swear they were all models. PERFECT. Not even a blink, out of any of them! Fabulous bunch of children.
  • Jamie Ridler has a fun Wishcasting Wednesday in which I participate occasionally. I suppose wishes are dreams, just not as solid. So, I'm learning to cast my wishes weekly, either her on the blog or in my heart. It's time to put some form to my dreams. First I'd best figure out what they might be!
  • Paper and all scrapbook-related goodness shopping at the once-a-year-open-to-public event at the Open Page Wholesalers is not to be missed. NOT TO BE MISSED! Thank you so much, my new friend, Tanya for telling me about it!
  • *8 Things has become very revealing and I'm thrilled to have some of my go-to people join in the fun!
  • Sometimes I wonder if letting my two older kids watch Glee is appropriate. Then I realize that the good outweighs the bad and I so enjoy sitting around the television on Wednesday nights, while Louis is convening Bantam Red hockey at Kinoak Arena, and laugh and sing and enjoy Glee watching with no guilt and lots of hugs.
  • TGIF is just one of the flood of reasons I love Brene Brown.
  • Exhausting! My kids. We're in the throes of teen and pre-teen emotional ping pong around here. Only when they were toddlers did I question my sanity ... why did I have four kids in five years? I am questioning myself again. For the most part things are really great, but when things fall apart they all fall apart and I feel like I'm losing my mind. 
  • Claire and I had a wonderful time shopping and laughing during our trip to the Galleria Mall. She really is a wonderful girl. We found a ton of things for her at Hot Topic. Well, she found a ton of things, I took one look inside and it gave me a headache.
  • Cole looks great in a tux!
  • Anyone living with anyone living with a C-Pap machine is a flipping saint. SAINT, I tell you!
  • The Easton S19 costs way too much money. But ... as many little hockey players before him, he is completely convinced it is the equipment which makes him good. I'm all for whatever makes him confident :) Right now it's a hockey stick. I may have to draw the line when he tells me it's a Maserati ;) Louis and I laugh that he will be that character from the Major League movies with a shrine to talismans in his locker. Gotta look that up ... might be a great scrapbook page!
  • If I were to throw away one mark for each of my kids this term, I could safely say that no one has come home with less than an 85% on any project, test, quiz or assignment and that makes me so happy!
  • I continue to struggle reading The Shack, but I'm determined to get it done so I can go to lunch with Lindy, Lorraine and Elaine ... soon!
  • Cole managed his few days in the wilderness with style. A grand time with his roommates, helpful with his teachers and can do the ropes course in his sleep. He had a wonderful time getting to know the rest of the Middle Ones.
  • Of all the holidays I think I like Thankgiving the best. It is the least contrived and least filled with "shoulds" of any other made-up holiday.
  • Caden is now joining Cole at his Monday lessons with George at Ice Sports. I always knew that my boys enjoy horsing around - immensely; but, no one prepared me for their rendition of puppies on skates. I'm laughing and catching my breath in fear simultaneously for the whole hour of the lesson! Pure joy.
  • I miss spending time in downtown Toronto, I've become a soft suburbanite *gasp*. I really should make an effort to get there more often. I definitely have to bring my camera for some gritty photos. You can't find much grit in the burbs.
  • Cole is enjoying playing "up" at the occasional hockey game for the "A" team. To be honest, he was quite surprised to get the initial call. As were we. It is always fun watching him keep up with whatever calibre team he is assigned or plays against. He rarely disappoints.
  • It is so nice to catch up with old friends. I drove into Guelph to meet up with my girlfriend Julie, who I met aeons ago, while we were both in boarding school. We had a great Thai lunch and a nice reminder that sometimes, inasmuch as we are sent away from our parents, boarding school is a nice escape for those of us desperate to leave. Attending does not make us flawed.
  • Cole was absolutely honoured and humbled when named Assistant Captain on his hockey team. He takes the responsibility seriously and because no definitive Captain was named, he figures he shares it with three others and is very conscientious and feels the weight of this responsibility.
  • LOAD was fabulous! I managed 31 layouts - one each day of the challenge, as well as some other projects I hope to have posted sometime soon! I've started up a 365 layouts in 365 days group in Flickr, so if you're interested, send me a note to leecurrie at cogeco dot ca and I'll get you all signed up! You don't have to have been a previous LOAD participant to join in :)
  • I'd forgotten that practices at 6AM are for the birds!
  • How much mess can four kids make? Oh wait! I can answer that only because I live in that. Ugh. Someone just clear out, organize, wash, fold and put away everything in my house, please!
  • I started with Yesterday & Today with Ali Edwards on Big Picture Scrapbooking as well as Unravelling Further with Susannah Conway. I really have to catch up. My eyes are bigger than my calendar with all the courses I want to take!
  • Claire finished up her Appleby basketball season with a losing record, but great enthusiasm for the game and a renewed understanding of the importance of teamwork. She also understands the need to strive for personal excellence. And she does, daily.
  • This October will be defined in my memory by the H1N1 scare. I still can't believe the first day when I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a parking space and saw the line of 3,500 people. Craziness. We still have not received our inoculations. I'm hoping I'm not putting this off too long.
As always, November promises cold winds, rain and maybe even snow. I hope to do wintery things like baking and making stews and roasts. Anyone have a good corn muffin recipe? Anyway, this is my one month for 'catch up' and 'organize' and 'file'. Unlike my American friends, our Thanksgiving is over and I can focus on Christmas and other wintery things. The kids will be doing major school projects and studying for exams, there will be hockey tournaments and exhibition games; choir concerts and recitals and rehearsals, endless rehearsals; and the usual crafting, making and learning.

I'm really looking forward to what next month will bring.

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