Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Hallowe'en that Wasn't

While Louis and I were heading back from Woolwich and Cole's hockey game, Claire and her friend Marley decided to help Chloe with her costume make-up. She wanted to be a Zombie princess. By the time we got home they had really gotten off to a great start and I think they pulled it off:

Are Zombie princesses supposed to smile? No matter, she looked adorable. All dressed up with a place to go and dreams of candy and gum in her head!

Well, she had a place to go, up until her Trick-Or-Treat partner, Darth, decided he didn't feel well enough to go out. Not go out? And HE made the decision? Clearly there was something wrong and the boy was seriously ill. Or maybe he was just tired and his 6AM practice was catching up to him.

A shot of Benylin and he was off to bed. In the meantime, there were plenty of tears and some serious wailing could be heard in the shower. My poor girl. My poor boy.

The others?

Not so concerned. They watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show and One Missed Call. They got so freaked out by the One Missed Call, I went to check on Claire this morning and found all three of them crashed in her room. Ah ... teenagers!

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Jayne said...

Oh No! Poor girl! (She looked great though!)