Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snowballing out of control!

I thought I was organized.

I thought I had it all under control.

I thought wrong!

Oh my goodness, am I ever happy I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we did that back in October, which you can see here. It's not even the upcoming holiday stuff that has be all discombobulated. It is my regular life stuff. There seems to be so much to do. My kids are not helping with a constant stream of clothes, food wrappers, sport equipment, books and school supplies, apple cores, all over the place - well, all the places they don't belong!

I've also decided to organize the household bookshelves, rework the master closet, organize my studio, purge and organize my computer and it's files, start the hockey team Christmas gift photo/quote/maybe I should do something else-project, listen to Dr. Oz to tackle some eating/food choice issues, handmake most of our Christmas gifts, I'm participating in a project which is requiring some heavy thinking and consideration, along with the regular school, hockey, choir, volleyball, laundry and writing commitments in my life. I'm sure I'm forgetting more than a couple of things. Hmm. Maybe I've taken on too much at once?


It'll all get done, just probably not as quickly as I'd like! My greatest character flaw, as I see it, this week, is my great ability to start things but not finish. Well, not finish quickly or well. I'm always going from one start to the next. I infuriate myself!

I just get all panicky when things aren't orderly and somewhat calm. Right now, typing this in my studio is giving me palpitations as there is paper, photos, scrap supplies everywhere. It really is disturbing and it has become crystal clear what I'll be doing the rest of my day.

I'm off to make myself a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast and then tackle one project. The Studio. Maybe even finish it, today.

ETA: Things are coming along nicely. I've taken a bit of a break and found this glorious bit of spiritual sunshine. So glad I did, it has given me the will to continue - I might have to post it on my new magnetic board. Go, click, so you can enjoy it too!

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