Monday, November 23, 2009

Fa la la la la: Time to get creative

I saw this: small gift idea and immediately grabbed my car keys and headed out to Solutions in search of similar packaging to create some simple token gifts for the upcoming season.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

But, I did locate some things which got the creative wheels turning:

Lots of ideas are swirling around. It's not so much the affordability factor, but simply the immense number of people who populate our lives, and that of our children, who we would like to acknowledge during this (imposed) season of giving, but I've decided to scale back and make simple projects for gifting to neighbours, friends, teachers, coaches, and service providers.

While at Solutions I also found what I've been looking for to house my to-do album pages - before they are ta-da pages - it needed to be open, strong and straight sided. I love being organized! What do you think of this:

Perfect, eh? A simple magazine holder.

I'll still be looking for simple plastic candy boxes, but in the meantime I have plenty to keep me busy. Now, what should I put in these soon-to-be-gorgeous containers? Ingredients for cookies? Smores? Peppermints? Affirmation cards? Quotations? Ah, so exciting to discover!

What projects have you found for give-away this year? Link me up!


Tanya said...

hey Lee,
check out Creative Bag in Mississauga.

cute idea!

sharyncarlson said...

Fun!! I would put something yummy in the containers, like hot cocoa mix or other treats :)