Monday, August 11, 2008

According to Cole

He is now "all grown up".

Last September, when the kids started at their new school, I promised Cole that he could have a cellular phone at the end of the school year. Had I lost my mind? Quite possibly! But, his sister had just started at a new school and it made sense for her to have one. It was top of his mind at the time. The whole equality thing which is exacerbated by the fact that Cole is a mere 13 months younger than his "big" sister. Claire is a December baby, Cole is a January baby; the result is only 13 months but two whole grades. Inevitably Claire is one of the youngest in her class and Cole is one of the oldest.

The deal - we negotiate many deals in this household - was that Cole could have a cellular phone if he were never commanded to the office of the principal for disciplinary reasons.

An impossible task!

I was thinking my chances looked pretty good. Cole, not in trouble? How would that happen? Could it be possible? Nah. Not my boy. He had a chair with his name on it at the old school.

You may remember that he has won Eagle Awards and was one of only a couple of grade 5 students on the Honour Roll

Well, as you can tell by the photo, he got his cellular phone. And a lecture!

I'm already afraid of the deal we have to negotiate for this next school year.


CloverGirl said...

He looks so proud!!!

Midnite Scrapper said...

My oldest DD got her cell last Christmas. She was so excited. We got it for her because she started staying home with the younger kids for small stretches of time and there was no home phone. Anyway, she really loved that we trusted her enough to give her one and so good. =] I'm sure Cole will do the same!

Lily said...

ooo, he's a good looking kid! Glad he had such a good year and earned his phone. My daughter is begging for one and she's only 8. yeah, like that's going to happen

Noelia said...

Great pic and story! It's waiting to be scrapped :)