Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics: Commercials

Here in the Great White North we are not entertained by the same commercials as our neighbours to the south (which is a bit of a disappointment). We have been able to see a few on the NBC station that has not been hijacked by the ever diligent CRTC. This one I have found very amusing:

along with a number of others that I found on the GE website: here.

I have no doubt, Visa, Adidas, Nike, McDonald's have gone all-out with a collection of great additions. Take pity on me and send links to those you find to be your favourite. I'll put a collection together. I cannot stand not having a chance to see them all. I still resent not seeing the Super Bowl commercials until a couple of years later ... when there is a television special dedicated to their existence!!

Day 2. Still loving the spectacle of it all!!

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Martha said...

How about a challenge for all of us Olympic-crazed bloggers? We share our favorite commercial on our blog (assuming we can find it) so that Lee doesn't feel so left out?

Off in search of the one that made my entire family snicker...