Saturday, December 6, 2008

Choose Joy: The view from here

I don't know that it's possible to get tired of the view from my kitchen table. I have my laptop settled in such a way that I can watch the sunrise over the lake. This morning the sunrise was particularly beautiful though the snapshot does not really capture the contrast of the new multi-coloured Christmas lights and the beautiful reflection of pink/orange light on the clouds.

It was really cold, below zero, and winter has indeed arrived. The beauty of the cold? The sunrise is even more spectacular than any other time of year.

I love this sight.

I am very fortunate to see it every morning.


shirley319 said...

Love it! I agree that the sunrise in the winter is beautiful

ArlaMo said...

Oh how I miss our lake!! Your picture almost made me cry. Walla Walla has definitely been an adjustment.

agent713 said...

The sunsets are the only good thing about winter. I don't have a view from my apartment so I can't comment on the sunrises (that and the fact that I'm not out of bed yet at that time!)

Traci said...

You certainly do have the most beautiful view!