Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 of 12 February

I was very lucky that Susan over at the 12 of 12 blog sent out a reminder! Time seems to be passing me by, I think it is due to my desire for warmer weather that I'm willing to ignore January and February - must be some kind of Canadian survival instinct.

This time I wanted to change things up a bit by using the lovely lens I received at Christmas. The look is way different ... and I like it. I really have to play with this lens more often!

Below you will find the pictures of my 12 of 12, the eventual scrapbook page will be found over at my scrapbook blog sometime later in the week.

At before-the-crack-of-dawn I was reminded that I had signed up as an Alumni for the Library of Memories course over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. First order of business today, commit to the class, trust Stacy and sign the *&)%# pledge.

See? I get e-mails from the Universe. Where do your e-mails come from?

I love my studio. I love my stuff. I love my paints all bright and lined up by shade. I really do need to use them more. Must find a project. Hell, with all of those bottles, I must find many projects and PAINT!

My LOAD layout for today. Nothing complicated, but, I'm learning. This whole scrapbooking thing is not about being complicated. It's about evoking a feeling which reminds you of an event which is documented with photos and words. Ah. I love it.

My sons have hockey trees on which they are to put their equipment every evening after hockey practice. Well. That's a lie. I yell, yes, I yell and "remind" them to dry their equipment. This morning I was happy to see it was done. It might not be done tomorrow, and it certainly wasn't done yesterday. But wow. Equipment on a tree. Funny the things that make a mama happy.

Lot of laundry. TONS of laundry. Can I tell you how much I love, truly LOVE the President's Choice laundry soil and stain remover? It is the best stuff ... ever.

Bleak. Yech. Days like today, I'm happy the studio is in the basement.

She's home! After four days in Ottawa, my baby is back. Is it terrible of me to feel that Claire is "my baby"? After all, she's thirteen, now. I am relieved and feel complete when she is under our roof.

There he is, bruiser. Ready to hit the ice for his Wolfpack hockey practice. He did tremendously well tonight. Really tried hard. Well, there has to be ONE, every once in a while!

Reminder to self: MAKE UP.

Off to Glen Abbey Rec Centre to sign the boys up for Lacrosse this summer.

Yay! A new season has started. This is the first night ... it was followed by Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice which are now, since they're now cross-over shows, interesting.

*** *** ***

Please note: though this is a fun project, reality hit today, full on. Today a young boy died. Alex was 11. Two years ago he played on Cole's hockey team and they were defense partners. It has been a terribly sad day. But one we knew was coming. We weren't close enough to the family or circumstance to embrace hope. I don't know if that makes it worse.

This was a regular day. A day full of chores and running around and life. And death.


jillconyers said...

Great 12 of 12 photos Lee!

Char said...

I love your 12 of 12s. And I can't wait to see the layout!
I am very sorry to hear about Alex. How horrible.

Sandra Collins said...

fantastic photos - love them!
sorry to hear about your sasd news

MidniteScrapper said...

Fantastic shots. That lens is incredible! Guess what I forgot about? Yup. 12 of 12. I am getting sick. Feels like bronchitis. Can I do 13 of 13? *sigh*

Jayne said...

Sigh - so true about everyday being something to treasure even if it is filled with piles of laundry.

shirley said...

Great pictures as always, Lee! I love the DOF you are getting with that new lens.
Sad news always makes me appreciate all of that day to day stuff - thanks for reminding me of that.

Heather said...

I have that same reminder to myself when I look in the mirror and see a mole (the kind from the ground) looking back at me. I NEED mascara like a fish needs water! (So I don't look like a mole!)