Thursday, February 12, 2009

Balance: Remembering Friends

I don't know about you, but in the winter I hibernate. Just like a big grizzly bear :) Part of my "living my word" for 2009, I realized I do not interact with others, except hockey parents, enough during the winter. Who knows, it might include all other seasons, but right now I'm focusing on the one I'm enjoying (!) right now.

On Monday, I joined Lorraine and Elaine over at Montfort for lunch. It was so nice to see them and catch up. Sadly, Lindy missed the fun as she was not feeling well at all, at all. We hadn't seen each other since a little before Christmas. I miss them every day.

Wednesday lunch was spent with my friend Lynne over at Stoney's. A delicious sandwich place on Kerr Street pictured above. I have a ton of photos of my surroundings and none of Lynne. (Since getting so many "no" responses to my 365 photos of "Faces I See" I am now afraid to ask!) We were hoping for a reunion of a few ladies from our Canadian Computer Vikings but the other three ladies were busy with other things. Lynne is one of my most favourite people and I was very happy to have her all to myself!

I know that part of living a balanced existence requires a lot of effort to do a lot of things. One of those things is to maintain friendships, of a living, breathing, physical entity (as opposed to those on Facebook and on this blog!). It is so much easier on line because I don't have to venture into the cold, but, boy, when I do, I get all warmed up with the pure joy of spending time with such wonderful people who bring such fun, laughter and kindness to my life.


McKay Family said...

Wish I was close enough to do lunch with you! It is so nice when you get to relax with familiar faces and enjoy some time with the people who mean so much to us!

Martha said...

My Tuesday coffee dates are sacred. Just like my Wednesday play group days were when the Things were younger. Not because I love coffee and being surrounded by little people. But because of the real time connection with my friends. Who knew that the older they all get, the harder it becomes to nurture these friendships?

Sherri S said...

I hibernate a LOT in the winter months too! It is usually the time I 'catch up' by renting a few movies on the dreary cold weekends and have a pajama party in the recliner. I also love doing my crafting in the colder months. Too pretty in the spring/summer to stay couped up for long! These last few days have been beautiful here though and have given me a bit of spring fever!